Why I’m Excited for The Sims 3 2013 EPs


Aside from the Mass Effect series, there’s only one other video game franchise that I follow so diligently. I’ve been playing The Sims since its first release, and have bought almost all the major expansion packs for each generation. I’m the type of fan who buys all the EPs regardless of how much I take advantage of it. For example, I bought Supernatural and World Adventures but I barely use them. The only expansion I remember being extremely hyped about was Late Night and the rest were just perfunctory purchases. However, Electronic Arts and Maxis seem to have something interesting up their sleeves for this year’s expansion line-up.

So far, we only know about three of their expansions for 2013.  First, there’s University Life which I will talk about in this article. I per-ordered the game and I absolutely loved it. It lived up to the hype and my expectations! Secondly, there’s the EP called Island Paradise which will be released in the next coming months. Lastly, there’s this untitled EP slated for release much later in the year and the only thing we know about it is that “Sims can go to the future.” Here’s the article where it was revealed if you guys want more details.


Back during The Sims 2 generation, University was one of my favorite EPs in that era. Consequently, I was overjoyed when I heard that they were making a similar one for The Sims 3. The expansion did not disappoint. I actually waited until the midnight release to play it because I was so excited. Essentially, it’s everything that made it’s predecessor great plus so much more.

Some classes are still rabbit holes, but not all of them are. Now, there are some classes that are interactive wherein it is possible to let your Sim be active or sleep through class. Choosing a major and finishing your degree is very simple. Plus, you can complete a degree in just two in-game weeks. Otherwise, you can take your sweet time if parties are more your style.  However, my favorite part about this expansion is its addition to the Sims interaction and relationships. Now, there are social cliques, frat parties, and so much more to enrich the experience. Oh yeah, Sims now have smartphones too. I initially thought it was ridiculous, but I was wrong. You can use it to study and even create a blog of your own. Plus, now your Sims can take self-portraits and photos with other Sims too.


The stuff I’ve mentioned is just the tip off the iceberg. I wouldn’t want to spoil anything more, because it’s always fun to discover it yourselves. However, I hope you guys could see how much content the expansion enriches gameplay. Once you leave the University world, you’ll still feel the expansion since your degree affects your Sims’ career as well. It’ll either boost your chances and give your perks or open up an entirely new career. Plus, social cliques aren’t exclusive to just college students.

With the cool new addition of Sims 3: University Life, I can’t wait for the other two that are coming out this year. I managed to get a glimpse of Island Paradise from YouTube bloggers who visited EA in the past. Based on what I’ve seen, it’s most definitely one to keep an eye on. It’s basically World Adventures without going through those ridiculous puzzles or what not. However, I think it focuses mainly on a tropical getaway. You can build a houseboat and even dock it wherever you want in the world. Yet, the best part for me is letting players not only stay in resorts, but to build and manage one as well. We might not get an “Open for Business” expansion pack, but I’ll take this!


As for the untitled futuristic expansion pack, I don’t have any scoop on that at the moment. However, I am positively sure that this will be a major expansion pack and not just some stuff pack or another world to download. Well, that’s just my interpretation of the news release but I don’t think I’m wrong. I’m really curious as to how they will pull off a futuristic expansion pack that enriches the entire gameplay experience. In the article I linked, it said that Sims can go to the future and not just live in a world with a futuristic environment. With that said, I’m pretty optimistic about the products The Sims 3 brand has to offer this year. My satisfaction with University Life makes me even more confident of that. Perhaps, we will get to see an Asari or Commander Shepard cameo in the futuristic EP?

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  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for The Sims, but being primarily a console gamer due to the low-end nature of my budget I always have to play old PC games if any (I’m actually playing Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines now). I have played more Sims on consoles than I have on PC. I haven’t touched Sims 3 yet, though (heard the console version had game-breaking bugs). I’m waiting for some kind of inexpensive boxed set packaged with some quality expansions like the “Double Deluxe” one for Sims 2 (which was awesome) before I get into that bottomless pit. Sims 3 has so many great-looking (expensive) expansions, though, I’m looking forward to playing it when the price is right . Stupid budget.

  2. @trashcanman

    Awesome! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Vampire game. If I remember correctly, you mentioned something before about giving it a try when I posted about it. Also, yes Sims on console sucks. I have a budget too though, I only buy things used or on sale.

    @Lima Zulu

    Hahahaha! I wish I was obscenely wealthy. I just really spend a lot of time looking for good deals.

  3. I also have all the EPs but I always wait a few months before buying them because of the price and so that I can have some time to look at the reviews (even knowing I’ll buy it anyway)

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