GTA V Mod Swaps Blimps For Mass Effect’s Reapers


Are we ever going to stop with GTA V mods?  Nope.  No way.  They’re just too damned good.  Why in the world would we quit.  And we hope to God that people out there continue to amaze us.  Let’s take today for example.   According to Kotaku:

Grand Theft Auto V resident berdu captures a Reaper creepily hovering over Los Santos, thanks to a new mod that infuses a little Mass Effect into Rockstar’s game. JJxORACLE created the mod, though it’s currently in beta. It replaces the blimp currently floating around the game. The Reaper doesn’t have any collision detection, though, so you’ll pass right through it and sometimes it will disappear entirely.


And as if that’s not cool enough, here’s one guy’s idea that we loved.


Please don’t stop GTA V modders!

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