Why Doomfist Nerf is More Significant Than You Think

Doomfist Nerf

Video games are one of the most important inventions to come out of the computing sector. It focuses on both online and offline gaming where you immerse yourself into virtual gaming and have fun while at it. Game creators have come up with several games, and you can choose your best from the pack depending on your preference. One of the games getting immense appeal from fans and critics alike is Overwatch. A look at Gamepedia tells us it is a multiplayer team-based first shooter game. It is an excellent game to get yourself in, especially if you want a dose of adrenaline energy as you work with your chosen team.


A game is as important as its characters and this fact rings true for a franchise such as Overwatch. When selecting a team to get into a battle with, you have a selection of heroes to focus on as evident on Overwatch’s official site. Of its hero characters, Doomfist stands tall among his peers due to his sheer power that makes him a figure of choice should you decide to go for combat. As typical with many video games, there is a constant upgrade on the state of the game to make it more fun to engage in. When looking at the updates, the characters also undergo specific changes to fit the release. The recent version features an upgrade to Doomfist and the change has raised several eyebrows from the game’s fans and also the gaming community.

Understanding Character Updates

Focusing on character updates, most of the time, the character gets a boost in skill set to make him or her stronger. There are also some instances where the skillset will get downed, and the characters powers are downgraded. Both of these updates have their significance. In the gaming community, an upgrade is a buff while a downgrade is a nerf. When you look at several gaming forums, it is evident that Doomfist has undergone a nerf. While the downgrade does not sit well with many of Overwatch’s fans, more so those who banked on him as their main character, there is a payoff. It brings forth the idea of why Doomfist nerf is more significant than we thought.

Doomfist Nerf

When you take a look at Doomfist’s power in the game, he is inarguably one of the best characters. He has the power, health and fluidity, features that contribute to the prestigious rating of the character. In the latest game releases, suggestions point to a nerf, where there is a downgrade in his skillset. Among the noticeable nerfs is his uppercut recovery and recharge time. Initially, he had a decent recovery time of 0.2 seconds. This time around the recovery time is half a second, which presents a delay that possesses much significance when you are in combat. Another change is on his rocket punch. Doomfist’s rocket punch is one of his most potent arsenals and gives him an edge over his opponents; the result is an excellent rating on his performance.

When delivering the rocket punch, the charge-up time is essential and helps the character regain his stance when tackling the opponent. In the previous version of Overwatch, the recharge time was one second and helped him take down the opponent quickly. With the nerf, the recharge time increases to 1.4 seconds and results in a slight delay in composure gain. While the 0.4 difference might seem low, when it comes to the game, it is a significant determinant on who comes on top.

Significance Of Doomfist’s Nerf

Still looking at why Doomfist nerf is more significant than we thought, we look at the Overwatch franchise as a whole. While Doomfist is one of the best characters, there are almost twenty characters in the game, all with great player statistics. The nerf has the effect of creating a balance in the game and giving the other characters some credence. When one character seems to be super and the other lurking on his or her shadow, the characters become less significant and can lead to them being obsolete. The downgrade creates a level playing field with a balance achieved when you focus on the skills of the characters. The nerf also makes the game fun to engage in considering the characters are almost equal. When in combat, there is the advantage gained when a player picks Doomfist to his or her team. With the notion of the superiority of one player, there ceases to be the balance of the game with one side seeing a loss as an imminent possibility. A competitive playing field is one way to generate interest in the game, resulting in a more massive fanbase.

Reception Of The Upgrade

A look at Dexerto and you can see that the leveling down of Doomfist’s powers did not sit well with several fans. While it is a logical debate, more so if he was your favorite player, there is a decent payoff when you look at the bigger picture. The good thing is that the other characters too have undergone some change, and it goes a long way in maintaining the credibility of the game to professional standards.


Video gaming is an excellent pastime activity with many games decorating this dynamic sector. One of the games that you can try out is Overwatch that has gained massive popularity due to its storyline and character development. Focusing on the game’s characters, one of its highly rated characters, Doomfist, underwent a nerf. The nerf refers to a skill downgrade, with focus on his shielding power and recharge time after an offence. Though the variance is some seconds, it holds much significance when you get to the virtual gaming world. Despite the negative reviews the update is receiving, there is a silver lining in its cloud. There is an essence of balance achieved that results in the improved credibility of other characters. Try getting the game and play all the versions to see how impressive it is.

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