Fictional Travel Times: The Speed of Superheroes Vs. Spacecraft



In order to save the world superheroes generally rely on their own strength and speed to get the job done.  But have you ever considered just how fast these guys are going?  Thanks to these infographics we can now tell the accurate estimate of the speed and distance a hero, a spaceship, vehicle, or suit can achieve.   We can also determine which source is necessary for a particular expedition.

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  1. Excessive nitpicking incoming

    Sonic isn’t FTL… he’s not even faster than the speed of sound, unlike his practically-a-theme-song would have you believe… Watch the game theory on that, but if you wanna go strictly on narrative and not gameplay functionality, he can reach supersonic speeds but he is NOT FTL by any means.

    Every “source” stating Sonic runs at FTL (all two of them, from the sources from the authors source… Wikipedias are not a source, thank you) are hyperbole/not canon. One is referring to Sonic Unleashed and states, “During the day, he was his usual self, able to run anywhere at the speed of light…” which, even if it wasn’t obvious exaggeration, AT the speed of light is not FASTER than the speed of light. The other “source” is from a non-canon source, Pedigree Publishers, as an unofficial data book. The Guinness Book of World Records allegedly has him listed as the worlds fastest video game character, which is blatantly absurd for pretty obvious reasons.

    Also, the TARDIS and Delorean don’t qualify as “moving fast.” I can’t speak for the TARDIS, really, but I’m 100% certain moving 88 MPH doesn’t qualify as faster. This is really just nitpicking over word choice, though.

    You state Superman is FTL, but it somehow takes him 2 minutes to travel coast-to-coast (somewhere around 3000 miles), when light does it in about 1/100th of a second?

    And from what I remember, the Planet Express ship technically doesn’t move. It moves the universe around it, so it’d be more accurate to say that the universe is moving at 3.8 sextillion MPH. Though here I’m really just being a smart-ass.

    May also be worth noting that, should their be someone of high enough power level to sense, Goku could easily be on par with the Heart of Gold and Dr. Manhattan.

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