The Toys R’ Us Jingle Played in Minor Key is Super Sad

It came to no surprise that the toy retailer giant is finally closing its doors forever. But still, it was a sad day when Toys R Us announced that it is finally closing down or selling all the rest of its stores nationwide and internationally. At one point, Toys R Us was considered to be the world’s greatest toy store, but it has been struggling for years to keep up with competitions such as Wal-Mart and Amazon. From a customer standpoint, many are surprised that the store still exists. Most people today buy toys online for greater deals, and Toys R Us just failed to grow its reach digitally.

A recent music video made by YouTube musician Chase Holfelder captured the emotion surrounding the whole Toys R Us scenario perfectly. Holfelder has an ongoing music project, where he takes major songs and sings them in a minor key. The result is almost always haunting and sinister. Holfelder recently recorded the otherwise jolly Toys R Us Jingle into a minor key song, and the result is just absolutely depressing. For many of us, the fall of Toys R Us is like losing a big chunk of our childhood memories. But we can’t even begin to fathom how terrible it must be for all the thousands of employees that are just in limbo—waiting to see what will happen to their lives.

Toys R Us is currently waiting for a buyer to come and swoop them up from the mess, but no interest have come up publicly just yet. Even now while its on its lowest point, the toy store still has a few things to offer. There’s the name and logo, the customer lists, the giraffe mascot, and even the jingle can still be recycle. The company may be ending its run with a sad minor key note, but it was a good long run regardless. The stores may all be closing down, but the name Toys R Us will live on.

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