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Welcome to a segment I’m creatively calling “Where are They Now?” where I look back at the casts of yours and my favorite now-deceased shows to see where they landed after the curtains closed. Some have rocketed to fame, whereas others we’ve never heard from again. In this week’s installment for the Whedon prematurely executed masterpiece Firefly, we’ve got a little of both. Read on:

Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal Reynolds)


Since Firefly Ended:

If you feel bad for the stars of oft-too quickly canceled brilliant shows, know that you’re often not the only one that recognizes their genius. Such is the case with the show’s star, Nathan Fillion, who has been one busy sonuvabitch since 2003.

He’s had his fair share of recurring TV stints. A six-episode run on the quickly canceled Drive, an eleven episode stint as Dr. Adam Mayfair on Desperate Housewives, and even a quick spot on Lost. Can you remember when?

Fillion has also tried his hand at less traditional projects, including doing voicing on Justice League, Robot Chicken, and even Halo 3. And he reunited with Joss Whedon to play Captain Hammer in the the internet sensation Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

And Now?

He’s starring in a brand new show on ABC called Castle, where he plays Richard Castle, a writer-turned-crime-solver opposite superhottie Stana Katic. Since it’s on ABC, who knows, it might actually make it past six episodes.

He made EW’s “50 Actors We’d Watch in Anything” list and in his spare time, he co-founded a non-profit called Kids Need to Read, which gives books to kids who don’t normally have access to them. And hopefully Firefly DVD box sets.

Gina Torres (Zoe Washburne)


Since Firefly Ended:

Torres has done a tone of TV work in the time since Firefly wrapped, which includes a stint on season three of 24, a few episodes on Alias, and an 18-episode run on the Emmy nominated, Ron Livingston vehicle, Standoff.

In case that’s not enough for you, you might have also seen her briefly on The Shield, Dirty Sexy Money, Boston Legal and Bones.

And Now?

She’s still doing guest spots, Criminal Minds and Pushing Daises most recently, but she’s got a TV movie coming up called Applause for Miss E.

And at home? Well, fun fact, she’s married to Lawrence Fishburne who she met while filming The Matrix. They has their first kid, Delilah, in June 2007.

Alan Tudyk (Hoban “Wash” Washburne)


Since Firefly Ended:

Wash has been busy since Firefly was canned with roles in a ton of feature films. He had parts in 3:10 to Yuma, Knocked Up, Ice Age 2, I, Robot, and finally his most memorable turn as Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball. Yes, that’s him if you didn’t realize it before. Wait until he shaves at the end.

He also did CSI, Halo 3 (as did Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin) and he was Ann’s father, Pastor Veal, in Arrested Development. Think back, you can picture him.

And Now?

Tudyk has a role in the new David Kohan-Max Mutchnick comedy series on ABC, where he plays a gay writer with a straight roommate.

But best of all? Tudyk has reunited with Whedon to play the villainous Alpha in Dollhouse, which unfortunately without a doubt will be canceled in a matter of weeks. Enjoy it while you can.

Update: Tudyk might NOT be Alpha after all. Some are even saying it might be Sean Maher (later in this list, and if so, thank God, lord knows he needs the work).

Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra)


Since Firefly Ended:

For someone as exquisitely beautiful as Baccarin, I would have expected her to have launched to super stardom by now.

She has had a lot of TV roles appearing on Stargate, Dirt, Numb3rs, How I Met Your Mother, Las Vegas and a three episode bit on The OC as Maya, but I’ll be damned if I can remember just who that was.

And Now?

She’s got an upcoming project called The Boy in the Box with Jon Hamm, James Van Der Beek and Rhona Mitra, but here’s a fun quote for you:
When asked about possibly playing Wonder Woman: “I’m not going to say no to a superhero, but it’s not up to me.” Hmmm. Keep an eye on that.

Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb)


Since Firefly Ended:

Compared to a lot of the other Firefly alumni, Baldwin has found more steady TV work than most. He did 5 episodes of Whedon’s Angel, 25 of Jackie Chan’s Adventures, 13 of The Inside and 13 of Day Break. That’s probably more than a lot of the other actor’s spots combined.

And yep, was also in Halo 3 with Tudyk and Fillion. His line, “sure would be nice if we had some grenades” even makes an appearance.

And now?

He’s got a regular spot on Chuck as NSA agent John Casey, and that show doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. And no, for the last time, he’s not related to the other Baldwins.

Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye)


Since Firefly Ended:

She definitely hasn’t done a ton of onscreen work since the show ended, appearing on Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me and Huff for about two seconds, but…

And Now?

She’s firmly entrenched in the main cast of Stargate: Atlantis as Dr. Jennifer Keller. She was originally just a support character, but was turned full time in the show’s fifth season.

Sean Maher (Dr. Simon Tam)


Since Firefly Ended:

Wow, Sean Maher really dropped off the map after the show ended. I can count the number of his TV appearances on one hand since 2004, and he doesn’t have a credit since 2006. Wonder if it was bad luck, or just a conscious choice?

Oh, and he played John Stamos’ boyfriend in the made-for-TV Wedding Wars. Yeah.

And Now?

It does say he’s appearing in a new show called Drop Dead Diva coming up in 2009, but I’ve really no idea what that’s about. Fortunately *young* Simon Tam (who appeared in one episode) has rocketed to fame as the star of three High School Musical movies. Oh yes, Zac Efron was on Firefly. YouTube that sh*t.

Summer Glau (River Tam)


Since Firefly Ended:

She did about eight episodes each of The Unit and The 4400, but producers quickly realized they didn’t want her ass-kicking skills to go to waste so…

And Now?

…they cast her as Cameron Phillips, a Terminator infiltration unit protecting John and Sarah Connor in the Fox show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Sure it’s been moved to Fridays, but you know, it totally might not get canceled. Maybe. Yeah, alright, get that resume out Summer.

In real life she does a bunch of charity work and has been involved with the B.C. Women’s Hospital & Health Center and as a huge animal lover, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Bonus: Ron Glass (Shepherd Book) was the voice of Garth in Fable 2. Success!


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  1. how is finding out who plays him a spoiler? is it because he’s already been in some episodes and you didn’t know he was Alpha? or are you just such a freak that you want every single aspect, including the cast, to be a total shock? because if it’s the latter, get off the internet.

    of course if it’s the former, that does suck. ymmv.

    (and I suck for not having watched Dollhouse yet. but that’s another story.)

  2. Okay, disregard that previous comment, I have my answer:


    Question: I’m dying to know who is playing Alpha on Dollhouse! Rumor has it it’s… –Lelia

    Ausiello: Let me stop you right there. Trust me, you do not want to know who’s been cast in this role. Knowledge of this person’s identity will ruin a major Alpha-related twist that Dollhouse boss Joss Whedon has been desperately trying to keep a lid on. Loosely translated into riddle form: What if we were to meet Alpha without knowing we were meeting Alpha? You with me, Lelia?

  3. Fillion will always be Capt. Reynolds to me. Its weird to see Baldwin clean shaven in Chuck, he looks very different but the voice is unmistakable. Jewel Staite is forever gonna be that adorable and gorgeous brilliant mechanic.

    Urg. Everytime I think about firefly I start feeling upset about what happened to it. I dont even watch television anymore, just a few episodes on the internet from time to time.

  4. I like to watch Veronica Mars episodes as well Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  5. Why in other web sites they say that adam baldwin [ is one of the baldwin ], I think his better the all of them anyway, i hope too see him more his is really is a good actor. P.S. I’m not gay in any way.just see a good actor.

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