10 Commercials Directed by David Fincher

You should know by now that we’re big fans of David Fincher here at Unreality.  When we’re not verbally fellating him for his work on feature films, we’re finding other ways to put his greatness on display, such as posting 10 music videos directed by David Fincher.  Well, it’s not just movies and music videos that Fincher has directed; the dude has helmed some commercials, too.  Naturally, many of them have that familiar Fincher tone.  Enjoy 10 commercials directed by David Fincher, after the jump.

Nike Ad


Great music, and a cool way to show the parallels between two players who found themselves on opposite sides of the ball.  What the hell happened to you, LaDanian?

Coca-Cola Ad

A futuristic take on rollerblading.  Does anyone else notice a Ridley Scott/Blade Runner influence?

Another Nike Ad – Barkley of Seville


This one is great – it combines a basketball-as-opera theme with the legendary Sir Charles.

Another Coca-Cola Ad – The Arquettes

I’m still not over David Arquette nabbing Courtney Cox.  The dude must be packing a solid nine.  And I don’t mean a gun.

Levi’s Ad – “The Chase”

Does anyone shoot a city street at night better than David Fincher?  I mean besides Michael Mann?

More Nike – “Speed Chain”


This may be my favorite one.  It’s like an evolution of speed (especially since it starts in the ocean), and that snake is just too bad ass.

Ad for Xelibri

What this ad has to do with mobile phones I’m not quite sure, but I do appreciate the ending as well as the Goldfrapp.

Heineken Ad – “Beer Run”


Ah, look who it is…Fincher’s favorite actor.

Motorola Ad – “PEBL”


Very, very creative.

American Cancer Society


This has got to be his most memorable ad.  Truly startling imagery.

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