That Girl Actor of the Week: Paula Marshall

I’ve been following the career of Paula Marshall ever since she appeared on Seinfeld back in 1993.  She was the NYU reporter in the “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” episode.  I would later find out that she appeared on the Wonder Years before that and her IMDB profile shows even more prior appearances.

Anyway, Marshall also impressed me in a show called Hidden Hills which had a very short run on television.  Since that time she’s had lots of roles on TV but most noticeably has got to be her role on Californication.  She played a very “MILFy” lady called Sonja and yes, you see her naked.

Most recently she was on House and some show called Once Upon a Time.  Anyway, you guys all know her, just probably not by name.  

Marshall appeared on a women’s only commercial.  Yikes!

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