Heroes Season Finale Was Decent But Could Spell The End For This Series


Last night marked the end of the season for Heroes, and possibly the final episode in the series’ run.  I’ve actually been pretty satisfied with this season -Claire’s poor judgment and inconsistencies notwithstanding – and believe it to be the best one since the first.  Last night’s show provided a lot of closure, but also left a lot up in the air should NBC decide to continue the series.  If this was merely the season finale, I’d say it was pretty decent and marked the end of a solid season.  If this was the series finale, though, then Heroes should probably be remembered as a one-season wonder.

Keep reading for the full review.  As always, there will be spoilers.

You can catch up on last week’s episode by clicking HERE.


Claire and Noah are still trapped far underground, imprisoned by Samuel in the souvenir trailer.  Noah is running out of oxygen and slowly dying, but due to her regeneration ability, Claire is merely stuck.  Now, I could be remembering this wrong, but wasn’t Claire not immune to suffocation?  It make sense that, sure, her lungs can regenerate, but didn’t her biological mother once punish her by surrounding her with flames and cutting off oxygen?  Again, I think this goes to the writers being inconsistent with the characters’ abilities (like Ando and the dreadlocked memory-projector), and if so, it’s gotten pretty annoying.

Anyway, thanks to a phone call from Lauren, Tracy shows up in one of the biggest dues ex machinas in recent memory to save Claire and Noah.  I thought it was actually pretty cool how Tracy turned herself into water to gain access to the buried trailer, and then carved out a giant hole in the soil for with her watery form for Noah and Claire to swim through.  Not nearly as cheap as it could have been since we did indeed see Lauren place the call to Tracy a couple of weeks ago, but still rather convenient.  Lauren awaits on the surface with a chopper ready to take Claire and Noah to Central Park in Manhattan to stop Samuel once and for all.

Oh yeah, just as he promised, Samuel moved the carnival to Central Park.  And just like in Angela’s and Peter’s dream, he’s decided to use Emma to lure in thousands of people so that he can slaughter them in his coming out party to the world.  The carnival is packed with people, both “specials” and normal humans alike, and even the press has been contacted to capture the big event.


When the arrive at the carnival, Noah and Claire split up to track down Samuel.  Edgar holds Noah at knife-point briefly, but Noah is able to convince him that he’s there to stop Samuel.  Obviously Edgar’s on board for that plan, and…wait a minute…what the hell was Edgar doing hanging around the carnival?  Wasn’t he exiled by Samuel?  Did I miss something?  Either way, Edgar and Noah formulate a plan to stop Samuel, part of which involves Noah calling Hiro for help and Eli (multiple man) being brainwashed by Parkman to help out, too.

It turns out that Parkman was present when Sylar and Peter awakened from their half-a-day-that-felt-like-five-years bromance, going through the fridge like the pudgy bastard he is.  Sylar has repented, and a quick scan by Parkman helps confirm this.  As for Eli, he wasn’t much of a threat to Sylar, who simply used telekinesis to pin him down while Peter read his mind to discover Samuel’s plan.  After five pseudo-years of repenting, Sylar is finally ready to use his powers for good.  I guess that breaking through his metaphorical mental wall also lifted the barrier preventing Sylar from accessing his powers.

The only regular characters missing from all the fun are Hiro and Ando.  Hiro’s healed and in complete control of his powers once again, and conveniently, Charlie has a hospital room just down the hall.  She’s an old woman now, as Samuel had sent her back to Milwaukee circa 1944.  Her and Hiro have a moment and it turns out that Charlie has lived a long, prosperous life, and is now a grandmother.  Ando helps Hiro realize that there’s nothing let to “fix,” and so the two of them can aid in stopping Samuel at the carnival.  I have to say, I’m often critical of the Hiro character for acting too childish, but it was real nice to see Ando and Hiro as a team again.  The two of them together have great chemistry, and when they’re acting like adults and trying to save the world, they’re incredibly enjoyable to watch.


Sylar saves Emma from Doyle (but spares Doyle’s life because, well, Sylar’s a “hero” now), and Peter takes Samuel’s power before fighting him.  Hiro teleports all the “specials” away from the carnival, rendering Samuel powerless, and Peter is able to layeth the smack down.  Samuel’s contained and sent away to the “old company,” and that’s the somewhat anticlimactic end of the season.  Well, not quite.  Tired of hiding who she is for so long, Claire climbs to the top of the ferris wheel in front of the press.  Just as we saw in the very first episode of Heroes, Claire plummets to the ground, only to get up, place her arm back in place, and walk away unharmed.  If this was indeed the series finale, I suppose that was a nice homage to the show’s roots.

But what if this was the series finale?  Finally, when the “specials” are exposed for what they can do, the series comes to an end?  Isn’t the most intriguing storyline that has yet to occur the revelation of the “specials” to the public?  And, uh, remember when Peter and some bad dudes robbed a bank using their powers?  How did that not make the news?  Oh well – I still think this would be an interesting – not to mention logical – direction to take the show.

What I don’t like, though, is Sylar becoming good.  I really shouldn’t have to explain why; regardless of how much he’s repented and changed, he’s still responsible for the deaths of dozens, including Peter’s brother/Angela’s son/Claire’s father.  It’s tough to see how anyone can accept him.  It’d be like Ted Bundy turning over a new leaf – too little, too late.  And dammit, if this was the series finale, that’s what comes of Sylar?  I guess this explains future Sylar in an apron and acting like a housewife, but it’s still pretty weak.  Also, I wonder why future Peter didn’t come back in time to shoot Claire and prevent her exposure.  After all, he did it to his own brother, remember?

Anyway, all in all, this was a very solid season, although the bar was pretty low.  Kudos to Robert Knepper for giving us a convincing, powerful villain besides Sylar that we have been missing for a long time.  There’s a lot that can be done next season, but I have a sneaking suspicion this is it for Heroes.  It was a nice run that peaked way, way too early.

What did you guys think?

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  1. Once again Heroes delivered a very weak finale to me. I am not talking about episode as whole , they were some good moments. I am talking about the fact that once again they refused to give us a true fight. What the hell Peter and Samuel just push a bit earth against each other? And then Samuel goes completely powerless? They least they could do was lower his power from city leveling to enough to put a good fight against smaller numbers. But not they went the lamest way possible

    And Sylar good? That’s awful. It just doesn’t feel right. I can accept him working for the good guys the way he did with Angela. Being a Dexter like figure but this? This is pathetic.

    Honestly unless they bring back some of his old edge in the next season I am not sure I’ll be back

    They really should have written out Sylar at the Elle storyline. Seeing him and Elle go into the sunset away from everything would have been a great ending for this character and would have provided great opportunities for cameos.

  2. I think the outing of the powers was a great way to end the season. I hope it isn’t the end of the series because this season was a lot better than the previous two.

    I liked Samuel as a bad guy but if there is another season who becomes the bad guy? Does Sylar turn again? That would be too much. Does the government become the bad guy? That’s already been done.

    While I’d love to think the series continues and improves, I wonder where it will go…

    Regardless, Sylar was one bad-ass villian. Too bad he found religion.

  3. Not a bad finale, but I’m with Alex – this show sure uses people’s powers sparingly unless it’s something banal like Doyle’s puppeteering or Claire healing herself. The actual fights are extremely underwhelming.

    It didn’t seem like a series finale episode to me. That means if they go forward they need a new villain – and who’s it going to be? I don’t think they can institute a new character for it since it should be someone the audience is familiar with, and it shouldn’t be Sylar because they’ve already spent this season turning him into a hero.

    It’d have to be one of the major characters. I’d say it should be Claire, but we all know she sucks. I think that leaves us with a couple possible choices: Noah, Parkman, and Peter. Noah’s lack of powers would seem to prevent him being effective, but they could either a) make him a Lex Luthor type villain, or b) invent some power he’s been hiding this whole time. Parkman would have to finally snap – either something happens to his family or his hatred for Sylar goes overboard. Peter I see “turning” in a misguided attempt to save humanity, something like Veidt in Watchmen.

    Ultimately though, I’d LOVE to see them make Hiro the villain. No one would see that coming.

  4. @ Alex

    Good point. There hasn’t been a good fight…wow, since I don’t know – when Claire’s flying boyfriend took on Elle?

    I don’t think the writers have had any idea what they’ve wanted to do with Sylar since the end of Season 1.

    @ John

    I want Matt to be the bad guy. He’s a weak hero, and his power is strong enough that he’d be a major challenge for the rest of the characters.

    @ Bert

    All the possibilities you mentioned are pretty good, which shows just how badly this show needs to do something with its mainstays. I did think Knepper was awesome as Samuel this season, and if the show continues, wouldn’t mind seeing him come back.

  5. I can’t believe I watch this show, but I still can’t believe they turned Sylar into a good guy in the last 2 episodes of the show. What a tremendous cop-out. I think a much better ending would have been Sylar teleporting away with Hiro and the rest of the carnival crew to a safe location, and then his power lust comes back full throttle, and he kills all of them and takes their powers.

    They really messed up the all-powerful threat with Arthur Petrelli, but Sylar was always the one you expected to be in that position. It would have ended the stupid Sylar being good thing, gotten rid of the extra carnies, and we could have gotten rid of Hiro too, all in one feeding frenzy.

    Oh well, kinda hope it’s cancelled now so I can stop tuning in. I only do it nowadays because I still have feelings for the characters that stopped being interesting after the 1st season.

  6. I was overall a little disappointed, because they had done such a great job of building the season up. By comparison, the finale was kind of hollow and rushed.

    In earlier episodes, it seemed like Samuel was going to unleash the apocalypse – remember the world splitting apart in season 3? – but in the end, his plans amounted to nothing more than…sinking a part of Central Park? If you’re going to declare war on humanity, your first strike should be a little more damaging and a little more terrifying than that, surely! Ok, I know, FX budget etc…but still…
    It’s just that Samuel started out so confident, – he actually seemed scarier when he was ‘nicer’ – but by degrees he got more desperate and clumsy, so that in the end he’s mostly a shell of a man throwing a final, pretty random, fit.

    And whatever they do with Sylar, good guy or bad guy, I just want him to keep using that fiendish cunning and keen sense of irony that makes him so interesting.

  7. @ HRH

    Uh, thanks.

    What makes a person point out a typo like that, by the way? Hundreds of words about a television show, but you take the time to point out a typo. I’m genuinely curious.

  8. The bank robbery was on the news. They showed footage of Flint Gordon using pyrokinesis, with his back turned, and said “it appears the assailants have some sort of flame thrower” other powers weren’t videotaped, and coverups likely ensued.. If you are going to be critical of a series, do your homework and at least re-watch old episodes you are going to make reference to. “Kudos to Robert Knepper” was the biggest joke. I realize it is opinion, but his final scene was worse than a student film.

  9. @ Owen Morris

    Thanks for the clarification.

    But also, give me a break. There were eye witnesses at the bank robbery, right? “Coverups likely ensued.” Wow, seems like you’d be perfect to write for the show.

    Do you really expect someone to go back and watch old episodes of Heroes before writing a review of this season’s finale? NOBODY likes the show that much, not even Tim kring.

  10. Well, I have to honestly say I’d be amazed if we were looking at Heroes having run its course. As far as NBC is concerned, Heroes is one of the few franchises they can still bank on. Sure, it’s viewership isn’t what it once was, but look at their line-up. They have a strong Thursday night…and that’s it. Honestly, with the exception of Chuck, I have no idea what airs on that network the other 3 days of the week.

    NBC would be better off hiring some writers, cutting back Tim Kring’s involvement in the show, and plotting out an end to this show Lost-style. This was their strongest season in a while (which is pretty sad to consider, all things being equal), but that word of mouth might be enough to get them some more viewers, especially if they announced a real end date.

    And lastly, they’re gonna have a hard time if they don’t wrangle up some new ones. And I don’t mean new characters.
    Let’s see some of that future come true, like Peter’s scar and Hiro’s badass samurai outfit.

    Oh, season 1, how I miss you

  11. @ Cracky

    You’re probably right; NBC just doesn’t have much to replace Heroes with. Not now, at least.

    And we never found out about Peter’s scar, did we?

  12. This was hard for me to let go, because oh my how amazing was the first season. Watching it just depresses me because of what the show became. From what I saw this season, Robert did do an amazing job as a villian, because let’s face it, that’s his bread and butter (Prison Break, anyone?). I still find it odd that the finale is in the beginning of February. Did they cut down the order of episodes?

  13. I had high hopes for the season finale but was sorely let down. I really like Samuel as a villain–his ambition, his past, his ability to manipulate.

    The most disappointing was the final showdown between peter and samuel. I mean were led to believe that samuel has this uber ability that makes people shit their pants in fear of what it can do just from looking at a video of him as child. Then when its all said and done what? he moves a few shovles worth of dirt in the general direction of peter…..I mean he could have at least done some crazy shit like what he did to sylar earlier in the season.

    I have been waiting for the badass Hiro that I saw in season one (you know the one with the pony tail and sword) but again nothing but disappointments.

    Also if i were Peter or Sylar and you just saved Parkman from multiple man and he has the balls to start giving you lip. I mean come on use some of those super powers to make him STFU and show him what rung he is on the ladder, not kill him but just a savage beating for good measure.

    If this was the series finale then it went out with a fizzle….a droopy phallic fizzle incapable of comparison to the strong erect and firm first season.

  14. I agree that Heroes would benefit greatly from an end date. The only problem I can see with that is that right now there really isn’t a solid storyline that needs to be completed. Maybe they could start one with the powers being outed but as it stands there are just a bunch of random plot lines that have been semi resolved.

    Also as much as I, and it seems everyone, would love to see badass future Hiro come into play wasn’t his existence negated by the entire first season. Wasn’t the whole idea that Hiro became a badass because the world was destroyed and so he went back to warn Peter so that he could save the world thus negating his entire reason for becoming badass in the first place?

  15. I agree with Warren on the badass Hiro; I’d like to see him myself, but that future — as well as the scared Peter future seems to have fizzled out.

    What I’d like to know, is what happened to Peter’s Irish girlfriend? You know, the one that got stuck in the future with him, and he seemed to have left her there?

    The future changed, so did she just get lost in space and time? Seems they wrote her out pretty quickly.

    Also, when I watched those projections of Noah’s “memories”, I was thinking to myself, “What?”.
    I recall Noah, or someone that looked like Noah, back in those flashbacks of Angela, starting “The Company” at that diner. Eventually, Angela, Noah, and I think someone else, met back at that Diner to reestablish. Did the writers forget Noah being there since the beginning?

    It would be a very nice twist to see him reveal some epic power that he’s been hiding all these years in the next season — if there is one.

  16. Not a bad season. But it could have been a lot better.
    As for next season (or maybe the season after if it goes that far) I feel that it needs the deperate housewives treatment. Jump foward 5 (or whatever necessary number) years into the future and show some badass Hiro.

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