I’m Sorry But Two and a Half Men is Still Really Really Bad

I’m still there.  I’m still at the point where I can’t give this show more than five minutes.  And forgive me but it’s the same thing with Big Bang Theory.  I’m into geek culture as much as anyone else but there’s gotta be a way to make that show funnier than to have Jim Parsons talking like a pretentious douchebag all the time.  I mean I guess I like Kaley Cuoco.

Anyway, on the other side of the spectrum we have Two and Half Men.   I’ve tried folks.  I’ve tried and tried again and here I am convincing myself that I’m wrong and that the show has to be funny.  If millions of Americans like it then so should I right?  Right?  Wrong.

I really need some help understanding what the allure of this show is.   From the little I’ve seen, and I’ve tried, here’s what I can deduce about this show right now….

It’s not Ashton Kutcher’s Fault

So I watched the first episode just to see how it might turn out.   Well, it didn’t  Bad writing is bad writing no matter what you do.  And frankly the show isn’t different at all with Kutcher on.   He’s a good looking guy, rich, can get women, and Jon Cryer is jealous and acts like a whiny little lady all the time.  Sound familiar?  It sure as hell isn’t Ashton’s fault.  He’s just filling in for Charlie.   He’s playing his role well, it’s just that his role isn’t funny at all.

Angus whatever your name is isn’t funny

OK from the very first show of this season I’ve stuck with the belief that Angus T Jones isn’t funny and I still believe this to be true.   Even if this kid got the best writers on the planet he wouldn’t be funny.  300K an episode to fart on a couch after a funeral?  Peeing outside the front door?  This is the kind of crap that gets laughs and what this kid gets paid for?  Has he ever said a smart line?  Has he ever made a funny face?  Anything?  Bueller?

The Story isn’t all that Different

As I said before, we have Jon Cryer acting like a little girl, which I know is his character.  We’re  getting used to Angus Jones working his way into Ashton Kutcher.  And then there’s a Ashton Kutcher.   We still have the annoying mother who couldn’t be more annoying if we tried.  There’s that brutal housekeeper.  I get it, she’s tough!   And a total ripoff of that annoying maid from Will and Grace, both not being funny by the way.   Being blatantly honest and mean doesn’t make your character funny at all.  Not if there isn’t something creative to say.

Jon Cryer is Annoying, Not Funny

The same can be said about Big Bang Theory.  You either love Jim Parsons or you hate him.  I happen to hate him.  Same goes for Cryer’s whimpy character on Two and a Half Men.  This one I can’t really support.  It’s just a feeling I have.

Oh Yeah, the Writing is Juvenile

Frankly I don’t think the writing is all that smart.  Every punchline (if that’s what you call it) can be seen from a mile away.   Writing in peeing and farting?  Lame.   I haven’t heard one witty remark on that show yet.  Not one.    I understand that simple comedy can be funny but this is beyond childlike.  I don’t know.

Anyone agree with me and if not why?


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  1. Totally agree with you on pretty much all points. I never really had time for the original show but it tends to be on here every now and again as I walk past. I don’t think the show will last more then 1 or 2 seasons.

  2. There is no allure to the show or to Big Bang Theory. They are both horrible, just like Everyone Loves Raymond was, yet millions watch them and the shows with good writing flounder for an audience. The fact of the matter is that most Americans are stupid and/or lazy. They don’t want to have to think. They just want to turn off their brain and have things spoon fed to them. I run into it all the time when I recommend amazing foreign films to people and they tell me they don’t want to read when watching a movie. Sorry to sound like a pretentious asshole, but look how popular reality tv is. That alone speaks to my point.

  3. Im right there with you, my family loves both of the shows mentioned but I just cannot for the life of me get into them. Must be a difference in tastes I guess.

  4. well, Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men are two different shows — it’s hard to really compare when you only have one similarity — a douchebag. And if I had to choose between an idiot ladies man douche and a nerd who actually knows what he’s talking about douche, I’d go with the second. Big Bang Theory has its moments, whereas Two and a Half Men does not. I have not watched the new one with Ashton, and even though I love him, I don’t think I’d enjoy the show anymore than I did before ( which was I didn’t enjoy it. period. ).

    Anyway, television has gone down the drain these last few years. I’d still watch the Big Bang Theory over Jersey Shore, and I LIVE in New Jersey.

  5. Angus T Jones isnt funny, dont know why everyone thinks he is, maybe I just have a lame sense of humor. Charlie MADE 2 and a Half Men, without him there is no show, Aston Kutcher isnt funny, never has been, well I take that back, Dude wheres my car wasnt bad but Im a stoner so. Anyways..Jon Cryer seemed liked he went more towards the gay sides in the new episodes. I know he always seemed gay but now it seemed like hes really pushing the boundary to full blown gay, he was married to a girl in the show right? Should make a episode making him marry a guy, b/c we all know the shows secret.

    Overall, the only reason I even watched it was b/c of the hot ladies and Charlies acting, always liked him in Hot Shots and such but now its just another lame show like the multiple ones out there already.

    Bad thing is they killed of Charlie so there is no chance of him coming back, its a wasted show in my opinion.

  6. I just looked up Chuck Lorre (the creator of both Big Bang and Two & a Half) and found out that he also created Dharma & Greg, Cybill, Grace Under Fire and Mike & Molly.

    Christ, this guy is like a plague on comedy!

  7. Is this news? True, Two and a Half Men is the most watched show, but can you think of a show that is this widely reviled as well? It has become a staple as the butt of jokes about bad television. It’s standard sitcom crap, nothing more. Chuck Lorre is a hack, his shows have the same generic jokes carried over with just enough of a twist to convince morons that it is something new.

    Two and a Half Men is like the fake T.V. show Ricky Gervais created for Extras, only somehow it is real.

  8. I’ve never found two and a half men that funny. The jokes seemed kinda lame and predictable. And most of the time its hard to like the characters.

    The big bang theory is a different story for me. I love that show, to the point I sit here scratching my head when others seem to detest it. You’d think it would be people who don’t get the geeky content or the humour but it appears to be so called geeks that can’t stand it.
    The show speaks to me because I get their jokes about comic heroes and sci-fi shows, but even when they’re talking about some scientific theory I couldn’t possibly understand I still find it funny.

    Yes Sheldon brings a lot of the humour. But then there’s Raj and Howard’s odd, bordering on homosexual friendship, the weirdness of Amy and many other characters have had their moments.
    Maybe, that’s just me. Maybe I really have a terrible taste in comedy. But I felt riled up enough to defend the show and its characters when I saw the comments in this article and the feedback from others so I guess I feel it’s worth something.

  9. I was able to watch the first season and a half of BBT because at the time I was still at school and I lived what I saw (being that I went to a tech school). It was a struggle for me to get friends away from WOW at times, to go out and do things. Then I graduated and moved on and got away from the ‘life’. Also it didn’t help it just started recycling content after the first season.

  10. I agree with the writer on 2 1/2 men. I never really liked the show. Charlie Sheen was being himself. Not much for acting, there. And it was the same thing over and over. He gets the girl, and John Cryer gets screwed over somehow. It’s not going to change. I tried watching it with Ashton, and he’s a good guy, but I’m still not liking it.
    Big Bang, on the other hand, I DO enjoy. It’s actually not as funny this season as it used to be – maybe it’s getting old? – but I still like watching it. I used to have friends that were similar to them – going all out for comic books and loving Star Trek (as I do), so I can relate. There’s probably a fine line between being able to relate to the show, and hating it because you’re like that and feel you’re being made fun of.

  11. LOVE Big Bang Theory…but it took a while.
    Two and a Half Men is just god awful tho. When I go home for Christmas I watch it with my mom and I really try to understand what she finds so funny about it…the neighbor Rose is ok (Is she still even on the show).
    People seem to love bashing Chuck Lorre, but does he really do much of the writing? I thought he was a producer, don’t they just fund the show?

  12. I agree with most of what you said, with the exception of Ashton Kutcher’s character.

    Kutcher’s character is basically just a pussy/whimp; he is by no means a “Lady’s Man”.
    At least Charlie Sheen’s character was slick and actually added some comedy to the show.

    I’ve only sat through 1 1/2 episodes and that was enough for me.
    I used to watch the occasional episode with Charlie in it, but by no means did I catch every episode.

    Chuck Lorre is just a petty petty man, but that’s just my opinion.

  13. Two and a half men has always been crap.

    Big Bang Theory had potential. I really loved the show during seasons 1 and 2. The problem is it never decided to mature as a show. Most comedies that I find I like are because they start out with funny, possibly stereotype characters. Then they evolve the characters into people. If there was some joke from Season 1 that was funny, they’ll drop the joke because it isn’t funny anymore and move on with their lives.

    That last part is a thing I think “How I Met Your Mother” has done really well. Whenever they drop a brick joke, they do it very subtlety to the point where most might even miss it. This was something Arrested Development did best (and it still hasn’t been surpassed).

    That’s the problem with these types of comedies. They don’t understand how funny subtlety can be. You don’t have to tell the audience when to laugh if your show is genuinely funny.

    On the other hand, Big Bang Theory never knew when to drop a joke. To this point in the series, the Indian character still can’t talk to girls (I forgot his name). The joke was a bit funny when they first introduced it. I laughed… chuckled… Okay, I never did either. I smiled a bit, maybe. Too bad that this has been a running joke for at least 3 seasons.

    The characters never evolved past a stereotype. The only two likeable characters were Sheldon and Penny (likeable character means characters that I like to watch. Sheldon is by no means a likeable person, but he is a good character).

    By the third season, they had no new jokes and the characters were walking stereotypes that just became outright offensive to their own fan base.

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who thinks these shows are awful.

  14. Agreed. However there is something really really good called Happy Endings. Would you mean doing reviews on it? I am curious to see your opinion and the show could use more publicity

  15. One problem I have with both these shows is the laugh track. I didn’t mind them when I was a kid, but then one day my dad made an offhand comment about how annoying they are, and ever since then, I can’t stop noticing them, and they drive me nuts.

    Also, it boggles my mind how some people find Two and a Half funny, I totally giggle at real-life farts.

  16. I’ve never watched this crap show for more than about 5 minutes, and I totally agree on all points.

    Big Bang Theory too. The problem isn’t the “geek culture”, I’m an engineer who loves sci-fi and reads comic books, I get the humour. But you can tell it’s not written by an actual geek, just someone who’s Wikipedia’d a few topics superficially. It’s not internally consistent.

  17. Ooo, look at YOU guys, you don’t like popular things! You must be SO much smarter than everyone who does! Or, you know, your tastes are different. No, that’s impossible, the majority of the viewing audience is just stupid. That’s gotta be it.

    That being said, I agree with Nattyb about this show. I never really liked it either, but my dad does. I do, however, like Big Bang Theory. Does that make. . .half-stupid?

  18. I agree with you on the Big Bang Theory. I cannot see what it is that makes Jim Parsons funny to fans of the show. I’ve watched half of the first season of BBT, and all I can say is Sheldon is the most annoying douchebag tv character ever. Haven’t watched a lot of Two and a Half Men though

  19. the reason you dont “get” two and a half men is because you DO get the humor of shows like Arrested Development.

    which means you arent retarded, unlike the millions who tune into two and half men. feel good about yourself for this, i do.

  20. Any tv show that requires a laugh track to be funny honestly has to suck. Just watch the youtube videos of big bang theory without the laugh track. The show is pitiful.

  21. Someone told me once that this show is funny mainly to guys who are below 15 years-old inside their brains. So that pretty much explains it all.

    It’s not funny, it’s stupid, and stupidity seems to gather fans once in a while.

  22. I loved Two and a Half Men. I miss Charlie through, he and Alan had great chemistry. I am not a fan of Ashton Kutcher’s character. He is two whiney and not even funny. The writers blew this one. I believe that the show would have been just as funny, if they would have left the remaining characters alone. I would be happy with Charlie’s ghost instead of Kutcher (not the best choice).

  23. I had no interest in watching these two shows in their original timeslots, as they didn’t seem interesting to me. The exception was the BBT premiere, which I watched and didn’t like, predicting it would be quickly canceled (I also predicted Titanic would bomb, heh).

    When I first caught the shows in reruns, however, they slowly grew on me and I realized that they are actually very clever and funny. I think most people would agree, if they just got over their biases and watched the show in good faith. I think a lot of people just THINK they don’t like the show, but haven’t really watched more than a few episodes, which might not even have been good ones.

  24. Show was funniest I ever saw on tv, now without Charlie it is horrible and sad. They should cancel it and start something new and fresh and funny.

  25. I used to like two and a half men with charlie and I disagree with what you say about the big bang theory, that is the best show ever!

    but two and a half men just sucks now, from a alcoholic who sleeps around hes now a geek who is boring and even with rose back in the show its not really good, I will be surprised if it makes it to season 11! even with charlie it was getting boring the same old drunk with strange women, and what was with them making Waldon a stranger who walks into the house after trying to kill himself???! they could of at least made him a long lost brother or cousin or some kind of relative to Allan? its just rubbish, I cant believe they got rid of charlie 🙁 biggest mistake ever! but I will still watch every single episode regardless

  26. I honestly cannot comprehend and understand how people get be a fan of these shows either… Then again, we all live in American, so why bother?

    I could never get into Two and Half Man, when the show had premiered, I think it was 2003/2004, so it was the talk of the town and even my first year of junior high then… One of my friends Justin had told me about this and I was thinking it was an animated porn on CBS (literally)…. Yeah.. So I then told my other two friends – Cody and Trevor about this – they agreed, they laughed. Furthermore, me, my other friends: Cody and Trevor – watched it at my house – a month later. We could barely make it pass literally one full fucking episode… We all cringed so we all changed it to Cartoon Network or we had listened to death metal or grindcore, because were pissed at the show.

    I was in 8th-9th grade (at the time), when the Big Bang Theory had premiered, and I had only watched 1-2 episodes (to see what the show would be like). I had understood every “references” that they throw out there, the people who do not get it are too fucking stupid themselves. It’s terrible beyond terrible with the writing and plot itself. They’re mocking people with disabilities, nerds (no nerds watch this shit), who enjoy video games (i.e., Halo), and comic books. This show isn’t forward thinking, it’s clearly, the opposite: it has toilet humor infested into it. It would be a dumb show whose trying hard to be intelligent, I just described literally half of television right there and even the Internet in a nutshell…

    Both of the shows are my not sense of humor, which actually is a more fucked up and a weird style than Americans can get even accept. (I’m not lying.) Maybe in Japan, they would understand and appreciate it – not here. I do not know how Americans can eat this up every single day of the week as if was milk getting your body via cereal. The same applies to music with only listening to the radio as a form of a standard compared to researching what you know you’re getting into.

    I think that Big Bang Theory and Two and Half Man are equal to How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, and the list goes on and in how similar the comedy style is. Even the [comedy] format to even how they completely structure it out is in the same format as well… That is sad that CBS and NBC are like this, because their shows are too cheap to produce. They want more money driven towards news and drama, sadly… (Back to the NBC comment: NBC in the 80′-90’s, to the early 2000’s, were this. The last time I cared about NBC was 2008/2009, I guess they’re still following 30 Rock’s comedical style…) Plus, all of these television agencies add in all these real producers, to say they’re not staged in the laughing department – they are, in fact. It’s forced laughter, just like schools in America with forced learning with education. Sure, they are paid to watch and laugh – even if they do not comprehend anything, [they], the audience just want free and cheap entertainment at what cost?… If it’s not a real audience, it’s a laugh track, such as That’s 70’s Show, with their style… tsk tsk..

    Or it’s not real audience (who get paid), laugh track, or it doesn’t have any.
    I prefer the shows without the laugh track (DIY comedy, as I call it) because you know it’s genuinely hilarious without it, such as Malcolm in the Middle, Arrested Development, New Girl, etc. There’s even animated shows with laugh tracks (The Flintstones) or not. I fucking hate the television agencies who ruin comedy for the rest of us who want to cherish it genuinely. I just hate how they ruin it for pure the ultra-capitalism side of things. The capitalism (money) is in more than the actual humor itself. I like politics with a passion, but with humor, that a feedbackfuck. It’s like it’s a propaganda scam there and then.

    Back to the point: I think Jon Cryer is on the downlow whomever said that… I’m not judging him if he’s gay, however, if I remember someone told me about an episode about Two and a Half Man that he could be gay. He is touchy about gays, however, he works for Viacom and CBS, who are completely sexist, gender biased, homophobic, and a xenophobic organization… I’m not surprised. He wants to be 100% straight, he’s not. His face blushes too much on the set. Gay? Maybe, I guess. Nervous? Sure. Has anyone seen “Pretty In Pink?” That shit made him look like a complete asshole and ego piece of shit with his hair and clothes. He still couldn’t get the girl… He always crying in the room – a typical bitchboy right there…. Plus, John Hughes is a terrible director so I’m not surprised.. Well, “Home Alone” is decent until you’re 8 – or you find out about pedophilia….

  27. No wonder this guy likes Rocky IV… he wouldn’t know quality if it bit him.
    Big Bang theory is definitely stupid, but that doesn’t take a rocket-science to see. However Two and a Half Men is a bit to sharp and acerbic for lame-o’s to appreciate.

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