More Time Traveling With Game of Thrones Characters

Got 90s 4

Mike Wrobel has continued his “Game of Thrones characters in the ’80s/’90s” series that we’ve loved so much, and has done six more entries since we last checked in.

Who is on deck this time? We have grunge rocker Khal Drogo above, hot dog eating Theon (hah), artsy girl Maergary, punk Cersei, Seinfeld-shirt wearing Tyrion and British gangster Bronn. All are fantastic as you might expect.

Fortunately, the cast of this show is so large, we might be able to keep seeing new entries in this series indefinitely. Next up, Tywin, Bran and Hodor?

Check out the other five new ones below:

Got 90s 6

Got 90s 5

Got 90s 3

Got 90s 2

Got 90s 1

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