Is Anyone Else Unreasonably Excited for This?


I’m not sure we’ve ever had an actual discussion about how many Avatar: The Last Airbender fans we have on the site, but I imagine with how good that show is, there has to be a few of you.

Now, with the new upcoming series, The Legend of Korra, we can forget all about that M. Night Shyamalan travesty, and focus back on the kinds of stories and characters that made the original series so great.

Above is a new promo for Korra, and though it’s technically a kids show, its far and away my favorite animated series of all time, and everyone who hasn’t seen the original series should do so immediately. I hope Korra manages to live up to the (probably unfair) expectations I have, but it’s kind of hard to tell much from these short previews. What do you think?

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  1. from all the clips I’ve seen the animation looks to be top notch, so yeah I’ll be tuning in… but I hate that trailer, it makes me want to shoot that announcer in the face

  2. The previews for the last airbender were about the same. They usually dont show that the original show had two cases of genocide in it. Let the commercials be light hearted and the show dark and terrible.

  3. Also completely agree with Paul (and MZC).

    The original Avatar was one of the most consistently excellent shows I’ve ever seen. It’s rare to watch a show that has a story plan and sticks to it. Imagine how good Lost or BSG would have been if the showrunners had the same level of determination to do it properly and stuck to three or four seasons (or just three in the case of BSG).

  4. YES. The animation looks to have improved since A:TLA, and the backgrounds, enviroment, and character design looks amazing.
    I wish they would announce a date already!! At the very least give us a *month*…

  5. I watch anime, so I’m not adverse to the idea of adults watching animated shows.

    But seriously, this is so obviously geared towards children, with low-brow jokes and (I imagine) a complete lack of depth.

    I don’t see why anyone would look forward to this, but then I don’t understand bronies either.

    Are people really this starved for quality cartoons?

  6. @Korky, have you actually watched the original series? or are you just basing this opinion on the trailer? I’m twenty five and i think the quality of the air bender series is top notch. You cant tell me that even the best animes don’t have low brow humor. The last air bender was a well written and tightly knitted adventure. I cant stress enough that you should give this show a shot. And even if it doesn’t change your opinion that’s cool too, but I can tell you this show is geared towards both children and adults.

  7. I agree with brett, Korky…either you’re basing your whole judgement on this one (admittedly cheesy) trailer or you’ve seen the original series and don’t really understand it. Avatar is extremely well-written, telling a story that is easy to follow but still epic in scale, and covers a wide range of themes that are appropriate and accessible for all ages without insulting adults’ intelligence.

    Avatar is, hands down, the best all-ages animated show I’ve ever seen, and I’m stoked for the new series.

  8. “Hey guys, this adult person doesn’t like a kids’ show with poor voice acting! He must be a troll!”

    I watched about 6 episodes of Avatar. The concept of the show lured me in, the content of the show lured me out.

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