The Gorgeous Sets of Mad Men

01 - TBzzv65

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Interior Design magazine did a special feature on the sets of Mad Men, a show entering its final season with about a quarter of the buzz of Breaking Bad. I think the show just became too wrapped up in itself and people stopped caring.

Anyway, it does remain one of the most well-polished, beautifully designed shows on TV, and that’s evidenced every season by the amazing set design. This hi-res gallery is a great look at all the great sets/locations for the show, and allows for examination of them without all those pesky good-looking people walking around. Check out the entire photo collection below:

17 - V1BKysE

16 - 07OsFm4

15 - 7nEclnh

14 - zDNjKMG

13 - QeWMhjy

12 - NXdxzkK

11 - fUzXGB3

10 - JvxYdLc

09 - puqvGiu

08 - zIDZaLQ

07 - tTbn21K

06 - eYD9ie0

05 - PtwoB0T

04 - o0Rd7gX

03 - Ow8y7uD

02 - wICKqas

01 - TBzzv65

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