The South Park Version of Five Popular Bands

I’m not sure how many of you out there still watch South Park but do you realize it’s still easily one of the funniest shows on television?  I don’t even think it’s close.   I know people my age probably don’t watch it much anymore simply for the fact that they never realize it’s still on and going strong.

I’ll never forget the first clip I saw back in 1999 before it was even a show.   And here we are, 12 years later and it still kicks ass.  In any event, if you don’t watch the show, please do.

And  if you do, good for you, we can talk about it.   Anyway, here are some cool depictions of famous rock bands South Park style.

Thanks to Pompeloen for these depictions.

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  1. Just a couple inaccuracies, first south park hast been good for a few years now, with this past half season being particularly terrible sure in its prime, seasons 4-9 it was one of the funniest shows, but now it only shows brief glimpses of that greatness. Second, south park first aired in 1997 so its been more like 14 years. Nice artwork though.

  2. I Still watch Southpark and i think it is WAY better than any of these other ridiculous and not at all funny cartoons. Only other cartoon i have ever been able to watch is venture bros everything else not even worht it

  3. I first saw South Park when it began in the late nineties. I was in Med School then, and one night in the hospital in the doctor’s lounge a couple of us put it on. Thirty seconds after we did this really serious Surgical Fellow came in. From India, tops in every class he was ever in, would curse out his students at any mistake. Fortunately, I wasn’t on his service. He sat down to eat some dinner, and after a minute he started to watch. It was the one with the animated poop.

    So, after about ten minutes he starts to laugh, hard, and the rest of us have no idea how to react. The episode ends, he gets up and walks out. He never talked about it, but would smile at the group of us whenever we saw him on rounds.

    South Park–transcending cultures and entertaining geniuses.

  4. while i agree that South Park is still one of the best cartoons on television I sadly must say that this latest season seems to be circling the drain.. I have always been an avid supporter but this seasons episodes just made me wonder one to many times “wtf am I watching, how is this show gonna keep going?”.. I’m glad to see you posted about it and hope they can bring some creativity back to it rather then make episodes about shit again…

  5. South Park debuted in 1997, they’re currently in their 15th season.

    I believe this is going to be the last season. Not beacuse it’s gone stale, (because I think it’s still amazing), but because Comedy Central really pissed off Matt and Trey with the censoring of episode 201 last season and because the Book of Morman musical has done so well (Trey in particular has always wanted to do Broadway). This is the end of their contract, and they have no reason to stay (don’t even mention money, those guys have plenty, they’re not ridiculous spenders, plus they’ll always get residuals).

    It makes me kind of sad, but it’s for the best for all of us.

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