The Car of a Futurama Fan

Personally I have to admit that I never really watched or watch Futurama.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure it was a great show but I always have a hard time with spinoff type shows.  No, it wasn’t the Simpsons but come on.   It’s the same artist, same kind of stuff.  It’s sort of like American Dad and Family Guy.  I mean who the hell really liked that show?  I know there are tons of you and I’m not saying it’s bad because I never gave it a shot.

And trust me,  that doesn’t mean the little spinoff guy doesn’t get its own fan base.  I mean there are some pretty die hard Futurama people out there.  Take this crazy fan for example.

Check out how he pimped his ride…..

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  1. Futurama is way more awesome than the simpsons… and it’s nothing like family guy/american dad/simpsons… there is no dad or wife or noisy kid.
    Futurama is all about Sci-Fi stuff. If you like sci-fi, you will love this show. If you enter the show expecting some family stuff… then you are way off =)

    <3 Futurama

  2. @evil cupcakes

    Say wha? As far as animation goes, the overbite is still there, there’s just no yellow skin. The style should be obvious, one is in suburbia, one is in space/ the future. The humor is pretty similar though, lots of silly puns and pop culture/ current events jokes and whatnot. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both shows, I just think it’s silly to call Futurama “NOTHING” like The Simpsons,at least humor-wise.

  3. How do you see Futurama as a spinoff? Plus, the Simpsons is getting shittier all the time and Seth mcFarlane’s shows suck. Hasselhoff said it during the ending of the roast when he thanked mcfarlane for not making jokes… GO FUTURAMA!

  4. Futurama is a spin-off because you’ve never watched it? Sure, Ebert. Video games must not be art because you’ve never played one.

    Why would you make the assumption that it is a spin-off and talk down about the show, when you freely admit knowing little to nothing about it?

    Lost a lot of respect for you on that one.

  5. The only thing that “Futurama” has in common is with “The Simpsons” is the creator and the style in which the humans look the same. But that is about it. Very original show, which is very hard to come by now of days.

    Also have to add that; yes “Family Guy” and all the garbage that spawned from it is low level comedy at best…..everything that Eric Cartman says about the show is correct.

  6. You have NO idea what you’re missing out on. Futurama is one of the greatest animated series. I expected the new season to suck, but I have to admit, it rocks hard ! Favorite episode to date from the new season : The late philip J. Fry

  7. I’m not gonna rant at you about how you’re a moron for not watching futurama etc.

    but seriously give the show a chance. It’s funny.

    One thing it has that is very rare to find on shows these days (either animated or filmed) is it has smart humor (at times, not every joke but some.)

    Basically with futurama the more you know the more jokes etc. you’ll get and the funnier you’ll find the show.

    although it’s easily enjoyable on it’s own as well.

    it and south park i’d say are the top two animated shows still airing.

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