The Unreal Life: “You Can’t Please Everyone”


Hello there loyal readers, it’s your friendly neighborhood editor-in-chief here with the announcement that I’m going to try and start writing and illustrating a (hopefully) weekly webcomic called “The Unreal Life” which tackles all manner of issues in the movie, TV and video game worlds.

No, I’m not as clever as XKCD and my art isn’t exactly on par with Penny Arcade, but I’ll do the best I can, and I do hope you enjoy them and show them to your friends if you feel so inclined.

In this first issue, I’m combining South Park and The Avengers, and feel free to shout out any comic ideas you have that I could illustrate in the future.

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  1. Good stuff.
    My favorite web comic is Saturday morning breakfast cereal. If you haven’t read it before go to smbc-comics.com, it is hilarious.

  2. I really like the concept of this comic, and the art is not bad at all. This comic strip has a lot of potential and could turn into a great thing I would love to see on this website. By the art disclaimer in the description, I’m surprised by the amount of detail in the superhero gear.
    Job well done, and I’m looking forward to more ^_^

  3. Chris Evans just can’t be Captain America, he was already Human Torch. It just doesn’t work! Oh, I am so glad I’m not the only one who cares!

  4. I love badly drawn funny shit. Been doin it myself for 15 years. Mostly work-related humor to post around the office, but it gets the laughs. This is hilarity.

    Anyone remember Samantha’s gay uncle on Bewitched? Try saying “Flame ON! No – wait!” imitating his voice (or the alien’s voice on American Dad). I’m just sayin. It’s fun.

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