The Wire’s Character Alignment Chart

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Guess what I learned today? That character alignment charts are from Dungeons and Dragons. How many nerd cred points do I lose for that revelation? Look, it’s not my fault, I was never allowed anywhere near the game due to all the “Satanic properties” it possessed and what not. Though they said the same thing about Final Fantasy…

Anyways, I love these charts, and have featured them on the site here before. I also love The Wire, which makes posting this a no brainer. I think all the spots line up pretty well, and man, do I  miss this show.

I heard one of you (Josh?) saying you couldn’t get into it, but trust me, it’s worth it. Hands down my favorite drama of all time.

[via MightyGodKing]

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  1. You’re grown up now. Pleas don’t tell me that you still haven’t played D&D? If you haven’t, then go ahead and find a party! Might make for an interesting journal/article for Unreality

  2. Josh said he couldn’t handle the swearing. I doubt that mcnulty quote would convince him to give it another shot.
    Can anyone look at clay davis and not automatically say “sheeeeeeit”

  3. now, you’re gonna have too explain too me how stringer bell is Lawful evil. i mean sure he tried to straighten out at the end of the 3rd season but he did so he coould operate withoout getting arrested. although maybe i’m remembering wrong

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