Ten Extremely Disturbing Twilight Themed Bedrooms

Twilight Bedrooms

Recognize the picture above?  Why that’s because our man Paul posted this thing the other day as a reminder of the psychotic tendencies of the Twilight fan contingent.   I swear to God I feel like more than half these people  A.  Really believe in vampires and B.  Are hoping that one of the Cullen’s sneaks into their bedrooms and bites them on the neck.

What the hell is this obsession with Twilight?  Hell vampires as a whole?  I guess the whole living forever thing has a coolness to it but come on people.  Get a grip.  And we’re talking about college girls too!  How the hell can you possibly get a boyfriend by having a Twilight themed bedroom?  What the hell is wrong with you?

In any event, here are ten bedrooms of people I’m 100% sure I’d never hang out with

Click on the photos for full size (if you dare)

The Waiting to get Bitten Room

Twilight Bedrooms

Pink Disco Furry Ball Edward Room?

Twilight Bedrooms

Stalker Room

Twilight Bedrooms

I have nothing for this room

Twilight Bedrooms

The Neatly Psychotic Room

Twilight Bedrooms

The “I masturbate way too much” Room

Twilight Bedrooms

The “Aren’t I too old for this? Room

Twilight Bedrooms

Scene It Twilight?

Twilight Bedrooms

The “I’m in College and no one likes me” Room

Twilight Bedrooms

This is an adult bedroom – scary

Twilight Bedrooms

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  1. It would be one thing to have a collection of movie stuff all in your room, but to have it so creepily dedicated to one franchise is too much. It would be like me having a whole room of Rikku posters and figurines. It’s not so much the volume or display of these collections, but rather the concentration on one movie or one character that makes it overly-obsessive. To me, these rooms are just like the Star Wars or Star Trek rooms we’ve seen on here.

    And just to be clear, Star Wars is awesome.

  2. I couldn’t imagine walking into the “I’m in college” chick’s room only to find this teen abstinence nightmare collection. It’d be pure horror followed by her trying to justify her obsession.

    Chicks like that are the reason why frats are in large supply of “Forget Me Nows.”

  3. i know i really shouldn’t say anything considering my room looks like that just with Orlando Bloom but DANG…twilight sucks and they’re wasting wall space on Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner?it is kind of upsetting…no..its REALLY upsetting…and its girls like this that make everyone think that all teenage girls want an Edward Cullen…yuck…I’d rather date Gollum from Lord of the Rings…

  4. ha, I adore vamps and always have but im goth so i guess that in my case it comes with the territory…anyway my point is, even me, the gothest chick i know, does not love vamps enough to give up my sex life for them. Thts just insane…

  5. I love twilight and they look cool 🙂 it’s the best. why do you guys think its so popular and has so many awesome reviews? These vampires are cool (thou im team jacob) and it’s cool that they sparkle. It takes a “real” man to love twilight.

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