Making Movies is Fun: Tom Hiddleston’s Email to Joss Whedon About the Avengers Script

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This is one of those viral things I’m not 100% sure is true, but it’s just better to believe it is because that makes everyone happy. The above is a delightfully cheerful email from Tom Hiddleston sent to Joss Whedon the first time he read the Avengers script and realized that Loki was going to get to be the coolest superpowered villain in movie history. I never really thought of Loki as Hans Gruber, but now that he says that, I can totally see it. Though I don’t know who James Mason is.

Whedon responded in a much shorter email below, which is just as heartwarming in its own way.

Does anyone have an email Patrick Stewart sent to Brett Ratner after reading X-Men: The Last Stand. “Dude, wtf is this shit.”

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