Crappy Must See Movie of the Week: Across The Tracks

I cannot believe I left this movie out.   If you guys haven’t seen this then you’re in for a real treat.   Get ready for the emergence of Brad Pitt and the revival of one Ricky Schroder in 1991’s Across the Tracks.   Are you ready for this summary?  Here we go….

When Billy returns from reform school he has to attend a different high school at the other side of town. He tries to start with a clean slate but his old rival doesn’t make it easy on him and his buddy Louie tries to make him go astray again. His brother Joe, quite the opposite of Billy, is a good runner and determined to win a track scholarship. He suggests Billy to join his school’s track team, which pits the two brothers against each other.

OK what this summary doesn’t tell you is that the acting and dialogue in this movie could not possibly be any worse.   It’s incredible to see an actor as good as Brad Pitt being unbelievably over dramatic and Schroder going in and out of some weird white trash accent.

I don’t want to give away what happens but trust me you’ll feel dumber for watching this.  But you kind of have to.  

How could you not watch this?

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  1. love how this movie has been brought up. i thought i had dreamt the whole thing. it’s both wonderfully bad, and agonizingly bad. i ran in high school, Div-1 college, and still compete very seriously nowadays, and there is there is so much wrong with this movie’s depiction of track and running that i couldn’t get past it to even enjoy the silliness.
    [spoilers ahead, and dry/humorless track nitpicking ahead. sorry.]
    scholarships aren’t offered by winning a race–they take years of racing–and senior year doesn’t matter for recruiting (you know where you’re going by then). and a County Championship is meaningless. Stanford wouldn’t recruit Brad Pitt unless he was running 10-12 seconds faster (low 1:50s as a junior would get Stanford’s attention, but not necessarily a scholarship. did they even break 2 minutes in that movie?). forget about any of the other funny stuff, i couldn’t get past how the director didn’t bother to even have a high school runner on set to verify the simple stuff, like running 2:02 in a county meet means literally nothing at all. it would be like a basketball movie where the county champions all get scholarships to Duke and the hoops are 7 feet high and no one practiced and scholarships are handed by gentlemanly handshakes after the game and second place gets nothing. but other than about a few dozen of those little things, it was a silly movie that’s worth a watch if you’re bored!

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