Twelve TV Props I’d Pay Millions to Own

Mal Reynolds’ Pistol – Firefly

They make replicas of these now, and I’m considering picking one up, but to have the original would be amazing. It’s either that or his suspenders.

The Hatch Door – Lost

From the picture above, SOMEONE clearly owns this iconic piece of TV history, but I would hunt them down and shove money in their pockets for it.

Tim Riggins’ Panthers Jersey – Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite shows ever, and though it’s not prop-heavy, I’d love a Tim Riggins gameday jersey to hang up on the wall.

Franklin – Arrested Development

So many props to choose from here, from the Sword of Destiny to Buster’s Claw to a SLUT T-shirt, but I had to go with my man Franklin, complete with “My Name is Judge” talk-box.

Who Dat Ninja? – 30 Rock

I’m incredibly sad you can’t buy reprints of this amazing poster right now, so I guess I’ll just have to go get the only one in existence.

“Cosmo Kramer” – Seinfeld

It’s a poster that’s adorned many a dorm room wall, but to have the ORIGINAL Kramer painting would probably be the crowning piece of this entire collection.


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  1. Just about any Hero-grade scale filming model from Star Wars, Star Trek, or Serenity. Most notably, Serenity herself, the Executor, the Bird of Prey from IV, and that other ship from Wrath of Kahn

  2. I’d rather have a sonic screwdriver than a TARDIS. I think.

    And I need something from Battlestar Galactica. Maybe a scale model of a Viper? Or Adama’s wooden ship? Not a ton of iconic props from that one either unless I’m forgetting something.

  3. ^^^^ Adama’s white paint splattered wifebeater and pants.

    I’d want Dave Lister’s hat from season 3-5 of Red Dwarf. They used it as a prop quite often, even having Lister eat a just-previously discarded breakfast from it.

  4. I would totally go with most of these. I’d probably add something from the Stargate series like the jaffa weapons or with enough money my own stargate complete with DHD. I’d also need something from Eureka which is sadly about to start it’s final season this summer.

  5. I’d like Jayne Cobb to go, please [gg].

    Jayne Cobb’s bunk. Yes, the entire set, with contents.
    Ares’ sword from Xena. A resin copy would be fine.
    A dire wolf puppy
    Casey’s bonsai from ‘Chuck’

  6. I would go with:

    Conan the Barbarian’s awesome sword

    Return of the Jedi’s and Revenge of the Sith’s Darth Vader helmets
    (so I can put them on and take them off piece by piece to reenact the movie scenes ’cause come on those scenes were both the awesomest moments in history)

    Terminator 2’s Terminator hand

    Joey’s awesome gun and costume from Lost in Space the movie

    A NES, SNES, and a new Gameboy Advance SP (because mine is pretty old) along with full library of all their games that were translated in English

    The Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman

    Halo Armor


    The Buster Sword\ that is all.

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  8. Damn, now I want a Hatori Hanso sword…

    – I’d also love to have the real I WANT TO BELIEVE poster from the X-files… (My damn mom through away my Fight The Future movie poster… *heartbreak*)

    – And a sculpture from the Beetlejuice movie (or anything).

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