Trailer for New Silent Hill Arcade Game Is Extremely Creepy

Feel like being cheered up?  Well that’s for those of you who might still be depressed about the canceled Hideo Kojima/Guillermo Del Toro Silent Hills collaboration.  A new trailer has been release for a new Silent Hill Pachinko game.  Just a heads up, Pachinko is a cross between an arcade and gambling machine.  These are typically popular in Japan.

Anyway, even though the trailer is an exhausting 7 minutes, it’s pretty short on actual gameplay footage.  Instead it includes a series of weird mini games which we hope don’t make up the bulk of the gameplay.  Remember when Silent Hill was scary? Slow and menacing? Well, maybe if the developers were high, we’d have gotten this. And it looks dated. It certainly doesn’t resemble a 2015 release.

Let’s face it, it ain’t the Silent Hill game you wanted.  But it’s the one you’ll be getting.   What do you think of this trailer?

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