How to Beat Tempered Kirin in Monster Hunter World

Tempered Kirin

A monster in Monster Hunter: World can come in more powerful forms. For instance, there are a lot of monsters that can show up in both Low Rank and High Rank missions. However, once interested individuals have made sufficient progress in Monster Hunter: World, they can expect to come upon Tempered and Arch-Tempered monsters as well. In short, Tempered monsters are powered-up versions of their High Rank counterparts. As such, they have more health, meaning that they can soak up more hits from the players. Furthermore, they can deal more damage, meaning that the reverse is very much not true. Thankfully, Tempered monsters have the same movesets as their High Rank counterparts, though the same can’t be said for their Arch-Tempered counterparts. Here are some things that interested individuals should know about the Tempered:

Based On a Mythical Creature

The Kirin is unusual in that it is based on a mythical creature. In short, there is a Chinese mythical creature called a qilin, which combines elements of deer with elements of dragons. Supposedly, it has a quiet, peaceful nature, so much so that it will even refuse to trample the grass beneath its hooves. However, the qilin is more than capable of protecting itself, as shown by its ability to breathe out fire when confronting the wicked. There are numerous depictions of the qilin in Japanese pop culture, in which it is called by the Japanese reading of kirin.

Bring Fire

Those who want to take on the Kirin will need to bring a powerful Fire weapon. This is because the Kirin is weak to Fire and nothing but Fire, thus making the weapon selection process that much easier. As for status effects, consider both Sleep and Blast. Otherwise, it is important to note that the Kirin is very resistant to Thunder as well as Paralysis, which is wholly unsurprising for anyone who has ever fallen victim to its Thunder attacks as well as its Paralysis status effects.

It Has a Single Point of Vulnerability

For something that looks so delicate, the Kirin is anything but. In fact, it has just a single point of vulnerability, which happens to its horn. This is a serious problem for a couple of reasons. One, the horn is a small part of an already small monster, meaning that interested individuals are going to struggle to hit it. Two, the Kirin’s head happens to be a very active part of the Kirin’s body, thus making an already difficult task that much more so. On a positive note, the horn will remain vulnerable even when the monster enters its enraged state, though this may or may not be much consolation because an enraged Kirin is an even more unpredictable Kirin.

It Is an Elder Dragon

Speaking of which, it is important to note that the Kirin is counted as one of the Elder Dragons. As such, anything that doesn’t work against an Elder Dragon won’t work against Kirins. For instance, if interested individuals were hoping to use traps, they should give up on that.

It Is Inevitable

The Tempered Kirin isn’t a hunt that players can avoid. This is because when they hit Hunter Rank 49, they will receive a mission called “Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands,” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If interested individuals want to climb beyond Hunter Rank 49, they are going to have to take down a Tempered Kirin either on their own or with some outside help. Here are some suggestions for fighting the Tempered Kirin:

Buff Up

If players are planning to head out on a particularly challenging hunt, they should buff themselves as much as possible beforehand. Generally speaking, they should start out by eating something that will provide them with Elemental Resistance L, which is necessary for Kirin fights because they are so fond of their Thunder attacks. Afterwards, interested individuals should consume a Mega Armorskin, a Mega Demondrug, and a Max Potion, which will increase their defense, increase their attack, and max out their health. This is critical because a bigger margin for error will make for a better chance of success.

Bring Other Useful Items

Naturally, players should bring other useful items as well. In particular, there is the Thunderproof Mantle, which will not just reduce Thunder damage but also nullify Paralysis as well as Thunderblight. Other useful items range from the Vitality Mantle to health recovery items and status effect removers.

Bring Something Fast

Kirin are small, fast-moving monsters. Due to this, interested individuals will want to bring a fast weapon. It is perfectly possible to fight Kirins with one of the slower but more powerful weapons. However, doing so will require interested individuals to have a good grasp of how the monster moves about, meaning that it isn’t a good choice for someone who hasn’t mastered Kirin hunts. Ranged weapons can make for a very solid choice when confronting Kirins as well so long as interested individuals remain prepared to move on very little notice because they can cover considerable distances when they are out on the attack.

Never Over-commit

Over-committing on an attack is always dangerous when it comes to the tougher fights. This is because if interested individuals get too greedy, they are going to make themselves vulnerable to their target’s retaliation. However, over-committing on an attack is particularly dangerous when it comes to Kirins because they are so fast-moving as well as so unpredictable when it comes to their attack patterns. Instead, when interested individuals are fighting these monsters, they should remain patient as they gradually whittle down their target bit by bit, particularly since a Tempered Kirin is more than capable of wiping out a full-health hunter with some of its attacks.

Staying too close to a Kirin is ill-advised because it can stun hunters with its kicks and charges, which will be followed up with lightning blasts. Speaking of which, Kirins are also very happy to call down lightning blasts even when hunters aren’t stunned. Most of these attacks will be placed around the monster’s body, but the fun thing about them is that this isn’t guaranteed to be the case. Besides these, interested individuals will also want to watch out for when the Kirin puts what look like strips of electrified air on the battlefield, which are the lead-up to an attack that can wipe out a full-health hunter in an instant should it connect.

On a final note, when the Kirin becomes enraged, it will become next to invulnerable to attacks aimed anywhere besides its horn. Even worse, its attack patterns will become even more unpredictable, thus making these moments some of the most dangeous in any Kirin hunt. Never mind a Tempered Kirin hunt. Some players will want to remain on the offensive, but when this happens, it might be better for them to go on the defensive.

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