Assassin’s Portal

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Lone warriors fighting against impossible odds and giant corporations? I guess that describes uh, about 80% of video game protagonists come to think of it, but I do think these two would get on better than most.

Artist The-Other-Mike imagines what it would be like if Chell went through a time portal (what, they haven’t invented those at Aperture yet?) and ended up in Italy with Ezio and Leonardo. Her signature look would get a makeover for the time, and her fabulous piece of portal-making technology would come in handy should she join the Assassin’s Guild, as would her boots which would lead to no more “whoops I accidentally jumped the wrong way off this roof” deaths.

So, when is someone going to make a Marvel vs. Capcom/Super Smash Bros. compilation fighting game with Ezio, Chell, Commander Shepard, John Marston, Adam Jensen, Cole MacGrath, Nathan Drake, Lara Croft and all the other heroes who never get to Duke it out with each other?

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