The Unreal Life: “The Only 3D Movie I’ll Ever See”

I made a vow to myself after Alice in Wonderland that I would never watch another 3D movie if I could avoid it. The screen is blurrier, darker and I become aware I’m wearing stupid glasses every ten minutes or so. Oh, and worst of all I pay an extra 50-100% more for the privilege.

There are a few exceptions to this self-imposed rule. 1) For James Cameron’s next movie 2) If 2D isn’t even an option (which has happened a few times frustratingly) 3) When they lose the glasses and 4) If they ever make the movie you see above.

Both of these movies are in fact getting made, but sadly neither of the actresses I’ve cast here have gotten either part. Tell me either wouldn’t be a stroke of genius, and making them duke it out onscreen would be an event truly worthy of another dimension? That’s what I thought.

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    God I hate 3D movies with a passion. It ruins the look and feel of the movie and the ‘3D’ elements in the film are just gimmicky.

    Avatar… I’d see it 400 times more in 3D. I’ll see ANY movie in 3D done like that. It was unlike any visual experience I’ve ever had. Instead of the typical foreground, middle-ground and background effects as you are subject to with regular 3D, Avatar gave you true depth.

    I saw something about the making of Mars Needs Moms, with Seth Green. The way they shot it, I had hoped they used the Avatar 3D technology.. but since it’s release, I’ve heard nothing but disappointing things. (About the movie, but nothing about the 3D yet) blah… Just put Avatar back in theaters again, I’ll watch it.

    If Hollywood abandons 3D, the movie theaters are going to be so mad. They JUST added all this new bullshit to their repertoire.

  2. I didnt think anyone else knew about SONYA. i mean as movies go I thought Sonya was pretty much unknown to anyone younger than the early 80’s. I barley knew about it myself being mid 80’s. way to make it nostalgic. oh and p.s. its on netflix now!

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