5 Action Movies Where Exaggerated Romance Results from an Extreme Circumstance


One of the things I enjoy most about some movies is the ability to create meaningful relationships through the most dire of circumstances.  Finding a connection with a person is relatively easy when life is “normal.”  That’s why chick flicks are chick flicks.  The premise is always simple.  It’s real life people living in lives that most of us already do.

However, if you take these same people and throw them into a burning fire, it’s a bit different.   And in some movies, you can go as far as finding relationships and sexual attractions simply by going through hell together.

What these movies don’t tell you is that the chances these relationships will actually last when lives go back to normal are about nil.  Still though, they’re fun to watch.

Here are 5 action movies where exaggerated romances resulted from an extreme circumstance.

The Bourne Identity

Movie Romance

The Circumstance

As he walks down a snow-covered road, Bourne notices a pair of police officers watching him from across the street; he quickens his pace, only to look over his shoulder and see them following him. When American and Swiss authorities attempt to capture him at the US Consulate, he offers Marie Helena Kreutz (Franka Potente), a young woman in desperate need of money, $20,000 to take him to Paris, the city of the address on his Jason Bourne passport.

Little does Potente know this will involve her in a virtual chase the rest of the movie.  But as the bad guys want to kill Bourne, the two eventually let their animal instincts come out as they have sex in a hotel room.

Also, you see in the next two movies that she is the only woman Bourne seems to have loved…or at least remember that he loved.

The Chase

Movie Romance

By all standards this was a horrible movie.  Still though, Kristy Swanson looked incredibly hot and it deserves a mention.

The Circumstance:

Charlie Sheen’s character is arrested for something he didn’t do.  He is about to go to San Quentin for a long stay when he finds himself in a convenience store.  Swanson is also there.  Wrong place at the wrong time as tensions are high and it leads to Sheen sticking up the joint using a candy bar as a fake weapon.  He eventually takes Swanson hostage and the rest of the movie they are being chased on the highway.

Best Scene:  Swanson takes off her panties and “rides” Sheen on the highway.  They wind up happily ever after in Mexico.

Yeah alright.


Movie Romance

The Circumstance

Psycho Dennis Hopper plants a bomb on a bus that is set to explode if the bus goes slower than 50 MPH.  Sandra Bullock plays one of the passengers and eventual driver of the bus.   Keanu Reeves is the police officer who is to save all the passengers on that bus.

After a bunch of twists, turns, crashes, fights, and luck, Reeves and Bullock turn out OK.  Bullock makes some weird comment about relationships starting as a result of these events and they also agree to have sex.

Yeah that sounds like a perfect recipe for a great relationship starter.

The Terminator

Movie Romance

The Circumstance:

A Terminator is sent through time to kill the mother of a unborn man who is eventually to save human existence by taking on machines that are ruling the earth.  However, another man is sent through time to stop this Terminator and save the woman, Sarah Conner.

Kyle Reese (the savior) greets Conner during a scene where she is about to get killed and says “come with me if you want to live.”  The rest of the movie is a cat and mouse chase between the Terminator and Reese and Conner.

Oddly enough Reese and Conner do the deed and the unborn son Reese is to save winds up being his own.  Weirdness.

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Movie Romance

The Circumstance

John Rambo is sent into Vietnam to recover some long lost POWs.  His contact winds up being a hot Asian chick and though they never have sex, there’s clearly something between them.

I think it’s because he says “If you want to win a war, you’ve got to become war.”  It’s evident he falls for her as she dies in his arms.  It’s practically the only “love” emotion Rambo shows throughout the movie.

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