The Ten Best Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen

October means Halloween, and Halloween means horror, and horror? Well that means some damn good movies.

I presume many of you are searching for a good horror flick to curl up with this month, and while I will advise you to first consult my 10 Best Horror Films of Decade list, I thought I’d compile a new one made up of films that aren’t quite as widely known.

Yes, I love The Ring, The Orphanage and The Descent, but there are smaller, more niche movies that are deserving of your attention, and really, once you’ve been scared or grossed out once, it’s not quite the same if you watch the same film again.

Here are some new titles that some of you may have seen, but I predict most of you will have not. You may think a few of them suck, and I’ll admit they’re not without their flaws, but if you’re looking for a few decent horror films, you could do a lot worse than these. Feel free to chime in with your own suggestions in the comments. I’m always looking to expand my horizons.

10. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

If you’re not in love with Amber Heard yet, watch Drive Angry, Zombieland or better yet, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.

The film draws on the actresses insane sex appeal, and it’s sort of like if they made There’s Something About Mary a horror movie, as beauty can inspire boys to do crazy things.

It’s a fairly straightforward slasher film, but with a few clever twists thrown in, it stands out over similar films.

9. The Ruins

The Ruins is an interesting horror film that tries to be different than most other entries. It’s far from a perfect effort, but at least it’s trying, and it deserves a fair amount of points for that.

A group of hot young people (who else) go exploring to find some ancient Mayan ruins, but what they find is a curse that manifests itself in a way you probably wouldn’t expect.

It’s definitely one of the goofier entries on this list, but it’s worth it to at least figure out who the bad guy is. After that, judge whether or not you’d like to press on.

8. Wolf Creek

I always go back and forth over whether or not I truly like Wolf Creek, but in the end, I have seen it about three times so there must be something to it.

Wolf Creek benefits from having a long load up time that humanizes its future victims in a way that most horror films don’t bother to. I also like that it has a villain that’s literally the exact opposite of the mute masked killer archetype, as most of the time, he’s downright jovial. Still psychotic though.

The film falters when it gives in to a few horror cliches, most of which will have you screaming at the terrified twentysomethings onscreen “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” but the film can shine despite this, and you won’t look at Australia as all kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee after this.

7. Splinter

Splinter is a weird little film that stuck itself in my brain and never really went away. Like many of my selections, it’s sci-fi meets horror, but this is probably the lowest budget entry of all of the ones I’m featuring.

Practically the entire film takes place in and around a gas station, where the patrons and a would be robber are terrorized by a force unknown.

Splinter is interesting because of its enemy, which isn’t a man with a weapon or a zombie-like plague. It’s the Splinter itself, but you’re going to have to watch the film to fully know what that means. That hand should be somewhat of a clue.

6. Suicide Club

Well I had to include at least one crazy ass Japanese movie on here didn’t I? I think that movies like Audition and Battle Royale are generally pretty well known, so I figured I’d try to drop one rung down with Suicide Club.

It’s a film that’s part horror, part social commentary on the astronomical suicide rate in Japan. The opening scene has a row of 40 singing school girls jump into the path of an oncoming train, and that’s only like, the third craziest thing in the movie. Can you say, rape/murder musical number? I kid you not.

Suicide Club may be a little too out there for some, but for those who can handle the madness that is Japanese horror, you might appreciate it.

5. The Crazies

This is probably the most recent movie I’m pulling for this list, so much so that I actually did a review of it while it was still in theaters, but I think enough people might have missed it where it’s worth revisiting and recommending.

The Crazies stars Timothy Olyphant as a small town sheriff whose world is turned upside down when the people in his town start going “crazy.” It sounds simple enough, but it’s truly terrifying to watch friends and neighbors and other seemingly normal people become slowly effected by the disease of madness, and there are some truly tense moments to be found here that will stay with you (the pitchfork scene, you’ll know what I mean).

The film escalates to a point FAR beyond where you thought a movie like this would EVER go, perhaps too far, but I vastly prefer it to other modern horror efforts a-la-The Strangers.

4. High Tension

Yeah, I know I put it on my last list, but I think it’s still relatively overlooked. I will be the first to admit that High Tension is not without its flaws, as it is in fact riddled with an insane amount of plotholes once a world flipping twist is revealed at the end, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good film in a lot of other ways.

It’s the first of two French films on this list, and as it turns out, that country really knows its horror. High Tension is brutally violent, but features a protagonist that actually fights back against the horror that terrorizes her, which is a rarity in movies like this.

You may not appreciate the twist the way I did, but the journey to get there winds through one of the better made horror films out there, and is well worth the trip.

3. The Midnight Meat Train

It’s the title that launched a thousand porn jokes, but if you can get past the initial snickering, Midnight Meat Train is an extremely unexpected quality horror flick that is very original in a genre that is usually a sea of copycats.

It even has people you recognize too! Bradley Cooper plays a photographer who gets wrapped up in the tale of the subway butcher, played by a yet again mute Vinnie Jones, who hacks people up on the last train out of town.

It seems like a relatively straightforward slasher, but as things progress, you’ll see that it’s far more than that, and revelations throughout the film make you wonder exactly what you’ve stumbled into with this strange film.

2. Triangle

I have a reader to thank for this recommendation, and Triangle quickly became one of my all time favorite under the radar horror films after I watched it a few weeks ago.

There’s nothing too terribly innovative about a group of attractive people getting murdered on an abandoned spooky cruise ship, but once the time travel kicks in, things start to get interesting. Yes, you heard that correctly, time travel.

The film is perhaps more sci-fi than horror, but there’s plenty of blood and mayhem to be found nonetheless, and it’s an incredibly smart film that will have you trying to fully understand what you’ve just seen for hours afterwards, and hunting through internet forums to find the answer. After you’ve seen it for yourself, come back here and we can talk about it.

1. Martyrs

The French horror film Martyrs was originally recommended to me on the basis that it is one of the most “messed up” films in the genre, with a plot and specific scenes that can make even the most hardened horror veteran flinch.

It certainly lived up to that promise, as the film is absolutely stomach churning at times, but what I did NOT expect was the fact that Martyrs has some really profound themes running through it, and is one of the most intelligent horror movies out there despite all its gore.

If you can wade through the blood long enough for this message to become clear, I congratulate you. I’ve seen it with a few different groups of people, and many were split on what exactly the movie was trying to get across, and whatever you may believe in the end, it’s rare to see a movie in this genre inspire such a level of discourse.

Bonus: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

I guess I could do a separate horror comedy list at some point, but I wanted to throw in a quick plug for this movie while it was on my mind. Tucker and Dale are two rednecks who are simply trying to take a fishing trip to their new vacation home in the woods, when they run across a group of teenagers who are convinced they’re psychotic hillbilly killers. A wild chainsaw swing here, and accidental death there, and things escalate quickly, and Tucker and Dale find themselves as the ones being terrorized, falsely accused of being crazed murderers. Fantastic film, absolutely hilarious and you should check it out if you can.

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  1. Paul man, you need to see french horror called “Inside” (À l’intérieur) – horrors don’t scare me easily, but holly crap, that one did – big time. Don’t watch trailer, don’t read anything about movie – just see it. If you call yourself a movie fan – you will. Note: movie is noting mindblowing in terms of storyline, but it brilliantly handels atmosphere and tension.

    Also i would add to your list “Pandorum”, as it is pretty much underrated and overlooked. “REC” is another good horror but it’s well known tho. Also there is “Dog Soldiers” wich is a fun little low budget horror by the director of “Descent”. And if you are into mindfuck horror and japan, search no more than “Strange Circus”.

    But definietly watch Inside!

  2. @Dzuksi

    I did see Inside, I remember it being suitably messed up, but if the specifics of it are this fuzzy at this point, I guess it wasn’t terribly memorable for me. Pandorum had a great premise, but the horror part of it didn’t work for me. Rec is good but I figured that was pretty well known as they’re on like the fourth movie now. Dog Soldier was too strange for me to make it all the way though. I’ll have to check out Strange Circus.

  3. I just watched Tucker and Dale vs. Evil about a week ago, it’s frackin great. I initially only watched it because Wash was in it, but then quickly became surprised at how funny it was.

  4. Great choices all throughout. Suicide Club fucked my shit up! Bowling alley. Those shifting shapes in the sheets! WTF!

    I have to recommend that you hit these:

    Cure (japan) – Less is a whole fuck of a lot more. Watch it now on hulu+
    Day of the Beast(spain) – shaun of the dead for satanists
    End of the Line – flaws and all, it is still worth checking out
    Time Crimes (spain) – u may have already seen it
    The Horde (france) – very cool zombie shoot ’em up “I am Nigerian!”
    I Saw the Devil (korea) – just in case u might have missed out on one of the BEST serial killer movies EVER. No. Joke.

  5. @Paul…I apologize for being long winded on this one, but I love horror movies.

    No way you saw Inside if you don’t remember the specifics…that movie is etched into my skull forever. Some things you can’t unsee (like Martyrs–another great one). I loved REC as well although an almost shot for shot remake was done here in the States (Quarantine).

    I just saw Stakeland and recommend it. It is an post apocalyptic vampire movie, almost a cross between The Road (see this if you haven’t or better yet, read the book) and Zombieland, but on a smaller budget.
    I will also recommend Dead Girl and Make Out With Violence. Similarly themed zombie movies. Dead Girl was much more disturbing though.

    I really enjoyed The Signal and Right at Your Door too.

    Not as good as what I listed above, but Mutants, Monsters, and Blood Creek are worth a look.

    If you are going to do a separate horror comedy list then I suggest you check out: Lesbian Vampire Killers, Feast, Evil Aliens, Jack Brooks Monster Slayer, and Severance.

  6. dang, i was hoping for more that i hadn’t seen but i’ve seen 7 of the 10.

    overall really good list. martyrs is by far the scariest movie i’ve ever seen and i thoroughly enjoyed the ruins. great call on splinter, too. i was pleasantly surprised by it.

    i will, however, have to disagree with wolf creek. i saw that in the theater and, when purchasing tickets, the employee straight up said “just so you know, there are no refunds for this movie. we’ve had a lot of people leave during the movie and ask for refunds.” so, naturally i was very excited to watch a horrible movie.

    it was SO boring and really bad. i can’t believe someone out there enjoyed it.

    i’ll have to check out triangle, suicide club and all the boys love mandy lane.

  7. I’d recommend 30 Days of Night if you haven’t already seen it. Especially after all of the light hearted sparkly vampire nonsense. 30 is a very gritty look at vampires. It isn’t perfect by any means but a very good flick and probably in my top 10 of horror movies.

  8. Glad to see some love for Midnight Meat Train. Awesome movie.

    And Matyrs, well, there’s not much else to say. That is a great film that truly is not for everyone. Not too many movies will get a reaction out of me and this movie was on my mind for months after I saw it. One of the greatest horror films ever made.

  9. I’m really glad I caught Midnight Meat Train on cable in the middle of the night once. It’s miles better than the Strangers (which came out the same year).

    Paul, if you haven’t seen Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, you need to, as soon as possible. It nods to all the big name slashers while being a really fresh take on the horror genre.

  10. I was flipping through the movie channels a few nights ago and caught Triangle. What an excellent movie! Just the right blend of science-fiction and horror.

  11. So, which one is the page image from?
    Also, while not really a horror film, Zodiac is a pretty interesting movie about a real life entry into the silent masked, slasher genre.

  12. Great list. I’ve compared Martyrs to Irreversible – in that, once you see it you can’t “un-see” it, and I agree, there is definitely some intelligence behind it. I’ve had a hard time getting anybody to watch it who isn’t into horror though because of the gore. The only one on the list I disagree with is High Tension. That little twist you mentioned ruined it for me.

    @RadioSlayer: I loved Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, but I would almost consider it more of a comedy. I also thought Dead Snow was a great movie too and it bordered on comedy.

  13. I’ve seen only two of these. 😀 The Midnight Meat Train and Crazies, both were better than I expected. I have to admit, I didn’t see the ending to MMT AT ALL, lol. It was definitely different. I didn’t want to see the Crazies when it came out, but my bro and I caught it on Netflix a while back and it was good! That ending made me look twice, lol! Thanks for the list!

  14. Don`t waste your time on Mandy Lame.
    Amber Heard is superhot, but should choose her roles more carefully.

    Just got Tucker & Dale on BluRay – great Horror Comedy

  15. Really enjoyed ‘Triangle.’ Not sure how this has slipped under the radar. The ‘different timelines/different angles’ has been done on films and tv several times, but this one really nailed it.

  16. Would say all of them are great but Martyrs for sure is one of the best movies in the genre. i would recommend to anyone that lived through this movie to see Serbian Film… it probably tops Martyrs in both, stomach churning and intelligence… not for everyone though.

  17. I LOVE DALE AND TUCKER VS EVIL!!!!!! You rock for adding that one. I’m southern and they didn’t play the”good ole boys” thing over the top. Great movie. I’ve seen most of the movies on the list (all great) going to watch the others ( I would have added Let the right one in) but great list.

  18. The Collector was completely unknown to me before I watched it, and I think it’s the best modern horror movie that I’ve seen. It has the best elements of a slasher movie and a psychological thriller mixed with Saw-style traps. And the ending is better than expected.

  19. Ack I just checked netflix for some of these that I hadn’t seen and of course I can’t stream any of them, oh wait, they DO have End of the Line, except their version is about the railroad and stars Wilford Brimley. They have the wrong Triangle too dammit.

  20. The idea of Triangle is awesome, I don’t think the execution was all there though. All the Aussies putting on American accents didn’t help. Ripe for a re make with a bigger budget and better cast.

  21. @Homer007, I had a hard time with that one, but I get a bit attached to cats, even in fictional movies. If it hadn’t been for that scene, I probably wouldn’t dislike it as much! It is pretty good, it you don’t mind that part. Lol

  22. Triangle, the Ruins, Splinter, and the Crazies were all great. But Wolf Creek made me want to slice my wrists. If you’re going to go the “rapey” route and still classify it under “horror” and not “shit that actually happens to real women everyday so this should make you really depressed”, then you have to at least end it on a positive, cut-off-his-balls-and-make-him-choke-on-them ending.

    High Tension knew how to properly treat the “rapist/murderer” with bloody revenge and that’s why it gets a pass. However, Wolf Creek gave their main characters just enough depth to make it an especially disturbing, too-close-to-home, snuff film. Horror is supposed to be fun, thrilling, and scary. Not sad, sickening, and demoralizing.

  23. You should see Splice if you haven’t already. To this day I’m not sure if I liked it or not, I walked away speechless. It was not what I expected. It was quite… interesting to say the least. Great list though.

  24. i’ve seen so very many of these ‘best of horror’ lists on many websites, but where’s Ginger Snaps? it’s the only horror movie in my top 10 movies of all time because it’s so awesome. the prequel and sequel sucked big time, though. maybe it’s not gory enough for people… it has a story

  25. @drpepper – korea has come up with some up the best films out there – in any genre. but their horror has been getting creepier over the years. such good stuff! some of it makes me cringe

  26. I watched All the Boys love Mandy Lane after finally ordering it from Amazong a couple months ago. The wait for it was well worth it. it’s one of those straight forward horror movies that really mess with your head. Amber Heard is fabulous! If you haven’t, you DEFINITELY need to see it.

  27. Meh, I’ve seen every single one on this list and definitely wouldn’t call them the best of the best or obscure, I mean they are good but not the best.

    Some other movies that people may not of heard of…(maybe not the best either but more unknown and worth a watch in my books)

    Noroi the curse
    Grave Encounters
    The Woman
    We Are What We Are.

  28. the ruins was HORRIBLE. its based off of a book and the book is so much better. i laughed at how horrible the movie was, but the book gave me the chills while i was reading it. author is Scott Smith.

  29. You should check out The Audition and Battle Royale 1 & 2 they are all Japanese based movies. The Audition has a very long build up at the beginning but is well worth the wait. And make sure to watch Battle Royale in order or it will not make any sense. The movie The Strangers should be on this list.

  30. I’ve seen most of those films I saw traiangle at the cinema an have to say that is reallllly weird and confusing and the ruins is really just different.
    kinda scary as well the whole like plants pretending to be phones and killing people

  31. If you want something REALLY scary, try out Cannibal Holocaust. It’s a little slow at first. But along with being positively terrifying, it does actually have a very good message on exploitation of other cultures and such.

  32. The collector has already been said but deserves another up vote. I really wasn’t prepared for it even with saw as a back drop. a tale of two sisters terrified me when i first saw it and i can’t lie it still creeps me out.

  33. i have to say that al these movies sound interesting and am going to watch them all, ive heard of a few of them, but have only seen the crazies, and tucker and dale vs evil. and really liked the different take the crazies took on the zombie genre, and tucker and dale……..fucking awesome, one of the funniest movies ive ever seen. i recommend to people all the time. thanks for the list of suggestions

  34. Have you checked out Eden Lake?

    Definitely one of the lower grade horror movies out there but with twists that no one would expect. It definitely doesn’t fit in with a silent slasher as this is a group of people who terrorize. I would definitely re-watch it.

  35. great list. a few suggestions though…
    I Sell The Dead was fun.
    Carriers was way better than I expected.
    Mum and Dad was pretty sick.
    A Serbian Film took me two days to get through. it’s that hardcore.
    and lastly, Kevin Smith’s new movie Red State was awesome. I did not see that coming at all.
    …happy viewing.

  36. Thanks for a list man, I just watched Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and had a great time. I don’t remember laughing so much while watching a movie in a long time. Loved your list, at least, the movies you’ve listed are scary, i came up on a bunch of websites that listed the scariest movies of all times and they are not scary at all. So i appreciate your article a lot.

  37. guyz just watch the texas chainsaw massacre and than you can shit in your pants for atleast one week
    and i would recommend it if you guys can watch it on lcd and wid the lights off
    i gurarantee you that you cant watch it whatsoever

  38. I liked your list and and am searching for half of these films to watch. There is one horror film that i’m wondering people know or don’t. It’s called ravenous staring robert carlysle and guy pearce. My friend described it as something you might dream after getting drunk on brandy, definitely in my top 10 horror films.

  39. Thanks for mentioning so many awesome movies, especially Suicide Club and High Tension. Loved those movies and I hardly ever see them mentioned anywhere. Korean, Japanese, and French horrors are my favorites. Definitely need to check some of these others out. Cheers!

  40. I had seen a few movies from the list, but after just watching Martyrs from your recommendation I can truly say it is the most horrifying movie I have ever watched.

  41. Paul, Great list i have seen most of them! Might i suggest Session 9 as another not well known movie that definitely gave me the creeps. If you can stomach David Caruso for more than 10 secs than give it a watch.
    Triangle really was a great movie with a really good take on the whole time travel twist.
    I have watched both versions of TCSM and tbh they are good but really not scary enough to have me “shit my pants” actually iirc i went and made a sandwich during it because I was bored.
    If i think of any more ill post them up. Having watched literally thousands of movies it takes me some time to remember them.

    There was one, i think it was either Japanese or Korean that dealt with some kind of torture chamber under a house. It was more modern but it was really fucked up. Just cant remember the name…lol

  42. i absolutely loved Suicide Club! i saw it a month ago and it was really amazing. and yeah your not kidding. that part kinda creeped me out but the rest wasnt that scary. ive also seen zombieland, drive crazy, and the crazies. all wonderful movies. suggestion watch Pans Labyrinth! its a cross sci fi and horror. its really amazing. not scary though.

  43. hi paul mate this is a brilliant list i think your senses for films as same as mine,the reason is i watched inside 2007 after seen the everyones comment, it didnt really catch me ,i loved midnight meat train,high intension,martys,and woolf creek was full with everything too,if you know more films plz let us know

  44. I suggest “Ladda land” it’s a Thai horror movie. Nothing can go wrong with a Thai horror movie, at least for me, it’s also my kind of horror. But watching the trailers will spoil everything. Better check out Thai horror like “Coming Soon” etc.

  45. i really cant believe that no one on here has mentioned the Human Centipede 1 and 2 as they must be the most horrible sickest movies of all .. Honestly!!, i have seen hundreds maybe thousands of horror flicks and none of them came close to churn my stomach , than these two, they made me lose my appetite ( well i was eating a nice cooked dinner while watching !!) … and so these would be the top two on my list for definite!!! .
    Most horror (well they call them horror) flicks nowadays have got an element of comedy to them .. , which defeats the object of horror .. Horror is meant to scare and frighten the shit out of you ,or give you nightmares . and thats what i look for !! (i must admit tho i did enjoy Zombieland ) but give me blood ,gore, sick shit anyday 😛 you know summit like (MMT)..Midnight Meat Train which was’nt a bad one 🙂

  46. I do not believe Amber Heard was not in Zombieland, at least not a main character. That was Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. Great list, I’ve seen The Ruins and always mean to watch Midnight Meat Train when I see that it is on television.

  47. omg how can you not watch dog soldiers horror comedy brittish soldiers in scottish highlands fighting clan of werewolves using anything they find ranging from swords to frying pans to defend the house.

    some good horrors

    reanimated nazi zombies trap some mercenaries in a old ww2 bunker awesome film.

    night of the demons
    night of the demons 2
    the presence
    dont be afraid of the dark.
    hostel part 3.
    in the mouth of madness.
    they live
    dead snow

  48. How about Slither? It was kind of a gross horror slash comedy, but it had some great, really disgusting and affecting bits, not to mention some great make-up and effects. There’s a lot of great things going on, and the characters are very believable and, well, normal. Cabin in the Woods was fantastic as well; Joss Whedon flips the whole ” B-slasher movie” genre on it’s ass.

  49. i dont understand how these are the top ten movies i havent seen. I’ve seen every single one of them, and all of them have been quite accessible to see in theatres, or on dvd at ur local video store. im sick of these lists written from horror posers. please research, or become a real horror fan!

  50. if ur looking for great unknown horror flicks try
    -we are what we are
    -nightmare in a damaged brain
    -the revenant
    -night of the demon (not to be confused with night of the demons)
    -sole survivor
    -evil aliens
    -who can kill a child
    -the woman

    these are not unknown films, but more obscure, and alot better then your list.

  51. “and other seemingly normal people become slowly effected by the disease of madness”

    That should be “affected.” Sorry, I hate to be that person, but it drives me crazy that even good writers still make this mistake.

  52. I’m doing a 100 scary movie countdown to Halloween on my site. I was wondering if it was OK if I paraphrase some of your reviews on this list, as I have not seen all of these, but would like to include some. I will provide a link to this list in my post. Please let me know

  53. I’ve seen all but 1 on the list and most of the movies that everyone else has mentioned, some really good movies. Here’s 2 great movies that haven’t been mentioned, Senseless 2008 (not to be confused with the Marlo Wayans shit film with the same name) and The Girl Next Door 2007 (again not to be confused with the Emile Hirsch shit film)
    There’s also Sick Girl 2007 which is pretty horrendous, i wouldn’t say it was a great movie, very low budget and not great acting but worth a look at least once.

    Someone did mention Cannibal Holocaust 1980 but i’m giving it another shout out, if you haven’t seen it you really should, let me put it this way, 10 days after being released the film was seized by the courts and the director Ruggero Deodato was arrested for murder, they really thought the actors had been murdered on camera, he had to call them and get them to appear in court to prove they weren’t dead and then the charges were dropped.

    And then there is the worst, most disturbing, most sickening, twisted movie of all(in my opinion) Salo Or The 120 Days Of Sodom 1975, like someone posted, there are just some things you can’t unsee and i wish to my very core i could unsee this, so if you manage to get hold of a copy (which i think is quite hard to do) don’t say i didn’t warn you…

  54. Not a bad list, not too obscure though. If I had to recommend some lesser known horror greats, I’d have to say

    The Loved ones
    Shutter (Thai version)
    Dream Home
    Wake Wood
    The Skin I Live in
    Phobia 2
    The Divide
    Sleep Tight

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned those films, those are all must-sees in my book

  55. I wish that someone would take Rare Exports and go the horror direction..A dark, fun Christmas fantasy with good ideas that could go to much darker places. Something frightening about your kids being kidnapped and replaced with weird dolls by a frozen evil Santa that looks like a giant mountain goat man.

  56. Thanks for giving me a list like this. I just wanted to say that I believe Triangle was one of the best movies I have ever seen and it will forever remain so.

    1. Thank you. This guy is just a pseudo-intellectual trying to pretend he can appreciate “deep” films. He’s watched it with a few groups of people?? Why??? What a loser.

  57. Ever heard the term “pseudo-intellectual”? That’s you. Martyr’s was a terrible film. There’s nothing deep about it. Yes, it surely does TRY to be deep, and morons like you fall for it, but it’s not deep.

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