Wizard of Oz in the 21st Century

Wizard of Oz

I gotta say if there’s one movie I really really hope they don’t remake it’s The Wizard of Oz.  And don’t think some Hollywood execs aren’t saying to themselves “if we get Dakota Fanning as Dorothy and maybe Robert Pattinson as the scarecrow this thing can’t fail!”  I mean The Wiz was bad enough so please let’s not do that.

But I will say that seeing modern day posters like this are pretty badass.  And man doesn’t Dorothy look super hot like that?  I tried finding as many modern Wizard of Oz pics as I could but was only able to locate a few.  I’ve posted them after the jump and if you guys have any please email and we’ll update this post.

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

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  1. Cool stuff – you should check out the MacFarlane toys of the Wizard of Oz if you like these updates.

    And it’s inevitable that it’ll be remade at some point.

  2. The last one is from the “Tin Man” miniseries, which was … decent.
    Could’ve been better but it was ok. Your typical Hallmark stuff. xD

  3. WHAAAT!!!

    I loved the Wiz… Everyone I know loves The Wiz, its a freakin’ black classic.

    But yea I heard that there was a wizard of Oz remake in the works…

    Probably gonna be Kristen Stewart’s lost ass as Dorothy. Taylor Lautner as the lion, yes, Pattinson as the scarecrow…

    And the Tin Man… mmm… idk?

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