The United States of Movies

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I don’t think I’ve posted this before, but with a thousand articles a year, it’s tough to be sure. In any case, it’s a map that shows each state associated with a specific movie that was set there.

Find your own? What did you end up with? Here in Michigan, I managed to get 8 Mile, which I suppose could be worse. At least it wasn’t American Pie. And screw you Tennessee, The Evil Dead was totally set in Michigan.

Do you think your state should have had a different film featured?

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  1. Also from Michigan here, and I completely agree about Evil Dead. My friends were all obsessed with that movie because all those guys were from Michigan.

    Though I was born in and moved back to Chicago, so I also have to weigh in on The Blues Brothers: AKA my favorite movie of all time.

    Good find, Paul.

  2. Hawaii and Alaska? The only Hawaii movies I know of off the top of my head are 50 First Dates, The Descendants, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (of which I’ve only seen 50 First Dates… regrettably)

    I guess you could say
    *puts in sunglasses*
    Hawaii got Lost

  3. “Michigan State students, Ash, Scotty, Linda, Cheryl and Shelly, venture into the hills and mountains of Tennessee to spend a weekend in an isolated cabin.”

    So no, it was Tennessee.

  4. There are so many better movies to encompass Washington than First Blood. Personally, I’d go for either Say Anything or Singles, but The Ring is also a good one (despite it not very accurately representing Seattle).

  5. Personally I would prefer Die Hard 2 since it takes place at Dulles International.

    As far as Connecticut, you have The Skulls (the secret society movie), Beetlejuice, and The Stepford Wives. Pick your choice.

  6. Delaware is too small to show up on the map, or else we’d see FIGHT CLUB on there.

    As for my homestate of Texas, I’d have gone with Giant (the source of all Texas stereotypes) or Friday Night Lights (the most accurate portrayal of the state to date).

  7. Tony Montana: Me, I want what’s coming to me.
    Manny: Oh, well what’s coming to you?
    Tony Montana: The world, chico, and everything in it.
    lol ended up with Scarface one of the best and most well known movies on the list, probably only behind no country for old men, and Wizard of Oz.

  8. Being from CT i’m disappointing to get lumped in with good will hunting. It has absolutely nothing to do with CT. I suppose either A haunting in CT or Beetle Juice would have worked.

    Currently living in Indiana I would say that Hoosiers is perfect. This whole place is Hoosiers.

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