Disney College Princes This Time

Disney Princes 9


Yesterday we showed you Hyung’s take on college student Disney Princesses, but it soon came to light that he did another half of the series for the Princes as well. That doesn’t usually happen, so I’m going to take full advantage of his gender equality and post the others here.

Sure, most Disney princes outside Tarzan or Aladdin aren’t super memorable, but this gallery should jog your memory of all the male love interests across all those Disney over the years. I like skateboarding Tarzan above, but really all of them are pretty game. Between all the boarding and surfing, I think we’re assuming California schools here.

Check out the rest below:

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  1. Not sure about all these crossover drawings. I guess I just don’t get it. I mean, it’s a dude in a football costume. Not sure what is considered great work anyways, a decent talent at drawing (tracing?) and thinking of a situation where these people don’t belong or hypotheticals? “Dude, it’s like Disney Princes, but in college!”

    Am I being too harsh? Really not trying to troll, I just don’t understand this. I love video games, star wars, and used to love comics and all of that, but isn’t Disney Prince crossovers kind of ridiculous? There obviously is some sort of market for it, but what is it? I think this is just a fandom that is way over my head.

    If a friend of mine came up to me and told me that on the side, he paints disney princesses and princes in alternate realities (while pulling out prints from his backpack), I would back away slowly. Then again I’m almost 30 so these might be out of my demographic, even though I grew up in what I consider the second heyday of Disney animation with Lion King, Beauty, Little Mermaid and others.

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