The Top Five Fighting Anime Games of All-Time

Anime-fighting games have quickly taken the fighting market by storm. Every year there are multiple franchises that decide to take a stab at the fighting game genre and some of them do it extremely well but a lot of them are average at best. You could say that it all started with Dragonball Budokai back in the Playstation 2 days. With a little over fifteen fighters, it was able to showcase the raw power of the Saiyans and it was one of the first time where we got to see our favorite Dragon Ball characters in a light like that. This opened up the door for many other successful anime fighters but like so many other genres it can get oversaturated. There are a ton of anime fighting games. Some of them are great. Some of them don’t really pack a punch. We went through and found our five favorite ones so that you wouldn’t have to. These are five anime fighting games that you must absolutely try. Especially if you’re a fan of their respective anime. It’s a must. There is no if. Check them out.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy

It was hard to pick between the Naruto games because they’ve all brought something incredible and told a different part of the beloved Naruto story. Considered one of the big three, Naruto follows the story of Team 7 and how they struggle to come to face with themselves in a world commanded by ninjas and tailed beasts. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm is a fighting game that was developed to allow us to battle it out in team battles features characters across every arc. Four were released in total and were put together in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy which included the four iterations of the game along with all the DLC that was released. If you love Naruto then playing the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm is an absolute must. It takes you to the entire story of Naruto from start to finish, all the way leading into Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. So you not only get to play as Naruto but also as his son Boruto. The ultimate finishers are a lot of fun to see and the callbacks to the actual anime moments. You also get to see iconic characters like Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto throughout different stages of their lives and with different signature moves.

My Hero One’s Justice 2

Once Naruto ended a new anime rose to the top and showed that ninjas weren’t the only ones that could fight. My Hero One’s Justice 2 puts you in the shoes of the heroes and villains. It takes everything that made the original one a hit and improves on it. Adding new characters, new villains, and expanding further into the My Hero storyline. What separates My Hero One’s Justice 2 from other fighting games is just how much emphasis it gives to the characters and how it allows you to make the characters feel like your own. With different customization options and events its a game made for players to come back to on occasion. To unlock new things and to battle them out in new arenas.

Demon Hunter: The Hinokami Chronicles

From the creators that brought you Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm comes a brand new game in the popular Demon Slayer universe. Demon Slayer is the story of demons versus humans that starts with the massacre of one boy’s family. If that sounds dark, it’s because it is. Demon Slayers are sworn to protect the world against demons but it comes at a price. Demons are beings that can live thousands of years and thus have that much more time to learn techniques and hone their skills. Combine that with the fact that they can eat humans to get stronger and well you have yourself a situation. The story itself is exciting but what truly makes The Hinokami Chronicles shine is how fluid the combat is and how beautiful the ultimates look.

Dragonball Fighterz

We can’t have a list of fighters without including at least one side-scrolling fighter. Dragonball Fighterz takes everything we love from Dragonball and brings it to a stylish anime fighting game that rivals the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. When you first play Dragonball Fighterz the first thing that you will take away is just how beautiful the art style is. It feels like you are playing in a literal manga panel. Not to mention that when you really get a combo going everything moves along really fluid making for a great experience. It’s just an overall great time and it’s easy to just pick up and play.

Dragonball Budakai Tenkaichi 2

There is no way we could have an anime fighting games list and not include what we regard as the grandfather to all the best anime fighting games out there. Dragonball Budokai Tenkaichi 2 came out for the Playstation 2 so it’s been a while, but it was able to capture the magic of Dragon Ball Z so well that it’s a game that has kept resonating with us for years and years. The game takes you through basically all the main arcs of Dragon Ball Z. It features dozens of playable characters and each one of them feels unique and powerful in their own way. This is any Dragon Ball fan’s dream. With so many of the Dragon Ball Z characters making an appearance. Through different points of the series. Plenty of landmarks from the series to fight on and destroy. It’s a must-play. The gameplay itself is addictive and fun. Players can choose to play as Goku in different iterations of his life. Regular Goku, Super Saiyan Goku, and even Super Saiyan 4 Goku is here. It’s an example of what other games should strive to be. Just a love letter to the franchise. Where fans can enjoy every character and not have to wish for their favorites to be added.

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