Five Dragon Ball Z Locations I Wish Were Real and Why


My favorite thing about fantasy and sci-fi is that you get to enter worlds and realms entirely different from our own. That’s what I love about writing in that genre, I get to draw up maps, create my own rules, and construct afterlives. It’s great.

When I read fantasy novels or watch TV shows and movies in that genre, I’m always a little disappointed when I have to come back to reality. None of those places actually exist. I can’t go out and visit them. I can’t experience what they have to offer.

I fell in love with the Dragon Ball mythos very quickly, and there are countless locations I wish were real, and for good reason!

5. Snake Way

snake way

Snake Way is a long, winding, snake-shaped road leading from King Yemma/Enma’s palace all the way to the North Kai’s planet. Only a handful of warriors were ever skilled enough to make it all the way across Snake Way without falling off or giving up. Most of the Z-Fighters fall on that list. Goku made it across, but not without falling off into the pits of the Home For Infinite Losers (HFIL).

I love a good walk. Snake Way not only offers a long trail, but also great scenery. Yellow clouds, endless space, far off planets. It would be great for a workout, sightseeing, or just to blow off some steam.

4. Kami’s Lookout

kamis lookout

The Lookout is a floating palace that reaches high above Korin’s Tower, which is a real bitch to climb. It’s where the planet’s guardian resides, keeping a watchful eye over the goings-on around the world. There are countless rooms and chambers in the palace that we don’t really get to explore, but I bet they all hold some level of awesomeness. The Z-Fighters often use it as a gathering place.

I had me at “floating palace.” That just sounds cool. I’d love to make this place my headquarters, watching and waiting for the next inevitable threat to come to Earth. I mean, there’s always something: alien conquerors, galactic tyrants, science experiments gone wrong, ancient evil spirits, etc.

3. HFIL/Hell


The Home For Infinite Losers is what I’ve always known it as until I caught a few uncut episodes on Toonami once. Instead of “HFIL,” Goz and Mez’s shirts read “HELL,” and my eyes were opened. Goz and Mez are demons or ogres or some combination of the two that keep order in Hell, a place where really bad souls go after death. Raditz, Nappa, Freeza, Cell, and the Ginyu Force are all there (minus Captain Ginyu because he’s a frog still). There are also some spirits there without bodies. I’m not really sure about them, but if you take the time to kill them (even though they’re already dead) in The Legacy of Goku, you get like 1000 experience points.

DBZ’s version of Hell is fairly tame. It’s like a large, maximum-security prison. There’s only one way out, and it is well-guarded. They have a fitness center. There’s a huge lake of blood because of reasons. The inmates don’t get tortured; they don’t burn forever. They’re just there, biding their time. But at least they have company.

I think it would be interesting to visit in the same way actual prisons are. Interesting and terrifying.

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  1. Misuse of the Time Chamber can’t happen, or would be very unlikely. Each person can only use it two times in their lifetime. I don’t remember why, or if that was even fully explained, but you use it two times and then your done. And if you use it for more than two years (inside the chamber time) then you’re stuck and can’t get out. I guess whoever built it wanted to make sure no one abused it and just loved the number 2!

  2. Well I hate to pop any bubbles and be a total nerd on the subject.
    Snake way took goku like 6 months to traverse. That’s while flying, jumping, and running. Pretty long walk.
    Also the Hyperbolic time chamber is only usable TWICE in your lifetime. You can’t just go in it at any time. They make a pretty big deal about it in the show too. There’s a limit of 2 people allowed in and once you’ve gone in and out twice thats it. It won’t work for you anymore. The aging continues as normal so you’d also technically gain a year of time but lose it for reality.

    1. There is not a limit of 2 people at a time, but there are only enough rations for 2 people for one year. In the show there is a point where 4 people are in there at once (Picollo, Buu, Goten, and trunks). The limit on times usable, and the intense gravity does kind of ruin it for me.

      1. In Dragonball Z there is a limit to two people at once for a full year. Be it rations or whatever reason they can only do 2. In DBZ there is never more than two at a time. Vegeta and Trunks, then Goku and Gohan.
        Regardless the point of my comment was to point out you’re only ever allowed to use it twice in a lifespan.

        1. I agreed with your main point. And the fact that there’s only enough resources for two people for a year, but in Dragonball Z there are 4 people in at once during the Fusion saga, but it’s not for very long.

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