10 of the Most Annoying Supporting Characters In TV Sitcom History

Annoying Sitcom Characters

One of the most important elements to a sitcom isn’t always the main characters.  It’s the characters that you see from time to time that only add to the fun of the show.  Seinfeld is probably the greatest example of a show having an abundance of supporting characters that all brought something to the table.

However, I can’t stand seeing characters that make me want to turn the television off.  If they can’t add anything then they detract and I lose interest in the show pretty fast.

Here are ten examples of characters that were completely unnecessary for their respective sitcoms

Kimmy Gibler from Full House

Annoying Sitcom Characters

Let’s see.  She’s extremely unattractive, way too perky and just all around disgusting.   Plus her name is Kimmy for God’s sake.  Could that name be more annoying?  It’s like Timmy for guys.

Skippy from Family Ties

Annoying Sitcom Characters

Guy’s name is the same as Peanut Butter.  And dude, get over Malory will you?  She’s a moron.  And you’re a complete tool.  No, you never looked good, even without glasses.  It’s just a lose lose situation pal.

Screech from Saved by the Bell

Annoying Sitcom Characters

Come on guys.  We all know this.   We get it.  Your voice is kind of high.  You’re a tool.  You’re obsessed with Lisa with the exception of Aaron Spelling’s daughter for a season.  There’s no way you’d be friends with the cool dudes of the school.  By the way, why is that on Saved by the Bell the main characters never knew any of the other students at school?

Harriet Brindle from Small Wonder

Annoying Sitcom Characters

Stop being so nosey.  Stop invading people’s homes.  Just stop doing anything.  Just die.  Seriously, die.

Buddy Lembeck in Charles in Charge

Annoying Sitcom Characters

The whole “moronic sidekick” thing is a decent concept but at least be funny when you’re a moron.  There isn’t one redeeming quality about Buddy Lembeck other than the fact that he’s played by Willie Aames.

Steve Urkel from Family Matters

Annoying Sitcom Characters

“Did I do that?”  Shut up douche.

Paul Pfeiffer From Wonder Years

Annoying Sitcom Characters

You’re a loser.  You’ll always be a loser.  You will never get chicks.  You will never be like Kevin.  Winnie also things you’re a tool.   Hell the whole Arnold family realizes that you bring nothing to the table.  Just practice your jump shot and get no girls, ever.

Larry Dallas from Three’s Company

Annoying Sitcom Characters

Kind of like the pioneer for the character of Quagmire on Family Guy only Quagmire is incredibly funny.  Larry was simply a tool and looking at his chest hair for a prolonged period of time really gave me the willies.

Bull from Night Court

Annoying Sitcom Characters

Not one thing Bull ever said on that show was funny.  Not one.

Rosario Salazar in Will and Grace

Annoying Sitcom Characters

Oooooh, you’re tough.  You say things that like “cause a stir!”  Oooohh.  No.  None of those things were even remotely funny and the sarcastic ways in which those lines are uttered are completely lame.

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  1. I know it is your site, your opinion… but BULL??? C’mon I watched that show religiously and he was an integral part of many of the best episodes. Oh well, opinions are like a-holes, right?

  2. I may be wrong on this but I’m pretty sure Paul Pfeiffer lost his virginity BEFORE Kevin did, while the other guys were trying to sneak into an R movie.

    Also, Buddy Lembeck is a comedy genius.

  3. I find it ironic that I found this article with a web search for “Buddy Lembeck greatest tv characters”. I think he was the pinnacle of TV sidekicks, and the ONLY reason to watch that otherwise lame-ass show (and if you say “Nicole Eggert” just buy “Blow Up” instead. You’ll thank me).

  4. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is parody of some kind, but Richard Moll was CONSISTENTLY funny as Bull Shannon when many of his castmates weren’t, only the douchiest of shallow douchebags attack a girl’s looks as a basis for her being annoying, and ANY author who would even JOKINGLY wish DEATH ON A SMALL CHILD needs to go die in a fire himself. Please do that ASAP.

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