The Reason Why Spartan Locke is Hated So Much

Spartan Locke is one of the most talked-about characters in “Halo 5.” The things that people are saying aren’t flattering to the character or to the developers who brought him on board in the first place. If you’re not familiar with him you’re probably wondering, why does everyone hate him so much? Each of us can only give our own opinions, but the voices of many provide us with some of the most predominant rationales. Here is the reason why Spartan Locke is hated so much. When the question was asked at Haloway Point, a volley of answers lit up the board quickly. While a few stated that they don’t hate Spartan Locke, there weren’t any positive comments shared about the character. Here are the reasons shared for despising him.

1. He’s too formal

Locke keeps most of his personal beliefs to himself. He speaks carefully, choosing his words in a formal manner. It’s hard to know what he really thinks or where he’s coming from because he doesn’t give much indication of it. The formality doesn’t allow us to get to know him the way that we do some of the more popular characters.

2. He creates feelings of ambiguity

The most positive review of Spartan Lock is that the player doesn’t feel hatred, but rather neither hates nor likes the character and could take him or leave him. Just the same, there are characters that the player would rather have in the game. He followed up with the opinion that it was a mistake to include him as a major character in the main game.

3. His opposition to Master Chief

There are quite a few players who despise Locke because he’s the antagonist to Chief. Those who like Master Chief hold him in contempt for this reason among others. For those, he was never well-received from the start and probably never will be.

4. It was implanted in our minds during the dialogue

There is a spot in the early dialogue where Locke and Buck are conversing and Buck warns that everyone will catch on to what they’re up to and hate them for it. This is likely something that has stuck in most players’ minds whether they remember it or not. It’s been programmed into us to hate Spartan Locke.

5. Instant hatred

One player shared that his hatred for Spartan Locke was immediate. He believes that the reason for his quick dislike is because Locke is opposed to MC and he’s not a character that anyone can connect with. His presence in the game just makes people mad as they see a favorite being mistreated by a guy that has no redeeming qualities that you can lock onto.

6. Spartan Locke has no soul

Another player asserted that the character Spartan Locke comes across as a soulless character. He comes across as being bland. He doesn’t give anyone a reason to want to get behind him and support him. The dialogue is no help either. It’s so bad that it makes him look even worse.

7. People do not like change

One reason why players hate Spartan Locke is because the character brings about a significant change in the game because of the nature of his character. Most don’t like it because they don’t like change. It’s a bit odd that this character who isn’t even a chief seemed to appear quickly with no advanced warning. He wasn’t one that anyone could easily connect with so what was the purpose? His arrival into the game caught most players a bit off guard.

8. He’s a dull character

Game FAQs forums are also buzzing with input about the reasons by Spartan Locke is disliked. One opinion is that the developers created a dull character. There isn’t much about him that is even remotely interesting. His lack of personality is tough to connect with or relate to. On top of that, nobody wants to be this character. He gives them no reason whatsoever.

9. People hate Locke because of the dull campaign

Some venture that the reason that Spartan Locke is so hated has to do with the lackluster campaign of Nightfall which was characterized as being abysmal. Not only is Locke an uninteresting character, but none of the situations that he is involved in are also that interesting either. Perhaps if the campaign had been a little more fun he wouldn’t be so despised.

10. The character is misplaced in Halo 5

Some Reddit members compare him to the character Jar Jar Binks of the “Star Wars” franchise. Just like that character drew a lot of derision, so is Spartan Locke. Some wonder why he is even in the game because he certainly doesn’t contribute anything fun or interesting. The remark about Jar Jar was just about the lowest blow that anyone could take about the character.

Final thoughts

There isn’t just one reason why some people hate the character Spartan Locke, but rather a several. It’s important to note that not everyone hates him, just most players. The most likely main reason for all the derision is because the character was just dropped on them. He has no personality and nobody seems able to connect to him because there isn’t enough to the character to relate to. It’s not understood why this character came out so underdeveloped with such a lackluster personality. It might be helpful if the developers infused a bit of personality into him. Perhaps some kind of a personal or emotional inkling of feeling would help. The case is that there isn’t any reason for players to like Spartan Locke and they’ve been quite vocal about it.

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