The First Descendant is a New Looter-Shooter from Nexon Games

The First Descendant is a new looter-shooter from Nexon Games being made. This game is essentially a third-person affair where players take the role of a Descendant, who is a protector of humankind. Invaders from another realm known as the ‘Ingris Continent’ are trying to take over the world of humans and it’s up to the Descendants to put an end to them. This is all that is known regarding the story and it is all players need to pump them up. This IP is being crafted with Unreal Engine 5 and it is aiming to offer a type of fidelity never seen before. Truly unique level design and effects will be showcased throughout this title’s campaign. Furthermore, it will also have a co-op feature to enhance the excitement. Yes, even though this is a “looter-shooter” there is going to be a full-blown story mode to this game, which is not seen very often in games of this genre.

The kicker with The FIrst Descendant is that with each subsequent level completed, players will organically get more powerful as they play. Hence, once they reach the climax, they will be near God-tier level which, in turn, will reveal the source of their powers and why they have them. There will be an entire roster of characters to choose from. Each will offer a distinct play style, not to mention quirky personalities. These won’t be hollow avatars on the battlefield. The developers want to make characters that gamers will actually connect with and care about. Thus, there will be a plethora of customizable options to play with. Players can dress up their avatars in any way they want down to the most minute detail. When it comes to action, this game offers a little bit of everything. From different fighting techniques to various ways to traverse the battlefield.

Ingris Iron

The thing about The First Descendant is that it will have free-flow gun-blazing combat. Players will be able to leap into the air, use grappling hooks and chain together moves to create a ballet of destruction in the arenas. Given that this will be a looter-shooter, there will be a myriad of things to collect that range from weapons, consumables, and skins. Players will also be able to tinker with different effects for their characters. The combat is all interlinked together, having the animations bleed together to create a cinematic look and feel during gameplay. Due to all the collectibles to accumulate in this game, players will be free to make their own class and play style. The core of this game is that it will be a co-op experience, with up to 4 players teaming up to fight hordes of enemies from the Ingris Continent.

With that said, players will also have options to arm their character to the teeth. Up to 3 primary guns can be equipped. Along with 4 secondary weapons and an assortment of sub-weapons, as well. Everything from rapid-fire weapons, explosive devices, and toxic gases can be utilized while battling. Of course, every type of item will have a certain stat to it, having it be an ingredient to an overall recipe of carnage. Players will be encouraged to experiment with load-outs and see what type of arsenal is the most effective. This is especially true for players who want to craft a particular style that suits their needs. The First Descendant will have all manners of enemy types. They will flood the screen and be relentless. Hence, there will be assorted levels of difficulties to try out. Naturally, each difficulty setting offers higher Tier weapons. Which, by the way, is the standard fair of looter-shooters.

Loot and Load

Even though the arenas will be packed with enemy variety, let’s not forget that there will also be epic bosses to fight, as well. The interesting thing about boss fights is that it will require teamwork to take them down. Players will need to look for a weakness and exploit it. After a boss is defeated, players will be able to take certain parts of them and use them as part of their arsenal. Hence, a crescendo is formed to where players will graduate to more difficult challenges and bosses which will require higher-Tier equipment to win. Needless to say, The First Descendant offers the same tropes as any other looter-shooter out there. However, the next-level fidelity and super-smooth combat should make this game stand above its counterparts. This game will have not only story missions but also side missions to partake in.

Therefore, The First Descendant appears to have a steep curve of replayability. The sub-genre of ‘looter-shooter’ may not be to everyone’s liking, but this one is taking things to the next-gen level. The Unreal Engine 5 development set is being utilized more with various games within the last couple of years and it’s exciting to think about. The potential that this engine has is something the gaming community has never seen before. Both in terms of development and gameplay. Thus, there also appears to be a Beta scheduled for this game something within late October. So, if gamers are curious to see what this game is actually about, then they won’t need to wait much longer to sink their teeth into it. There seems to be potential with this game, especially with the combat and art design concerned. Only time will tell if gamers take notice of it and embrace it.

The Wonders of War

Even though the more intricate details of this game are not available yet, there is enough available to help garner a little interest. The First Descendant does not have a release date right now. However, given that there will be a Beta this October is an indicator that maybe development is pretty far along. So far, it is locked in to be a PC exclusive. No telling if The First Descendant will be coming to next-gen consoles. Let’s see what the developers have planned for this game before gamers take any consideration on what to do regarding its release.

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