Everything Coming To Destiny 2 So Far In 2021

 Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

We have an exciting year ahead of us as Destiny 2 is set to bring players loads of exciting content, both new and returning, new gameplay features, and a whole heck of a lot more in the months to come. So what exactly does Bungie have in store for us with Destiny 2 in 2021? Let’s take a quick look at everything we know so far coming to Destiny 2 at some point in 2021. All of these new additions to the game seem like promising updates for the game and could definitely bring new life into Destiny 2. Hopefully these additions to the game aren’t hindered by anymore unforeseen global pandemics causing developers to shut down and put a pause on their work, delaying these releases for the time being.

1. The Witch Queen

Much of the 2021 expansion for Destiny 2 is currently unknown at this time, but many believe the expansion will center around an ancient Hive god known as Savathun. Savathun, The Witch Queen, has been a creeping presence in Destiny for quite some time now, ever since the Taken King DLC in 2015 giving us a deeper look at the Hive and the Hive gods Oryx, Xivu Arath, and Savathun herself. She has planted many seeds of Darkness across the Destiny universe throughout these last few seasons and as Bungie hopes, it will all come together shortly. The Witch Queen will release sometime in Fall 2021 if it isn’t delayed for whatever reason.

2. Crossplay

Crossplay for Destiny 2 is officially in the works at Bungie! This will hopefully see an implementation sometime in 2021 as revealed in a developer update by Assistant Game Director, Joe Blackburn, though no further details were given at this time. This is one of the most requested features across all of Destiny and the fact that it’s actually coming brings players like myself a great deal of hope and excitement for the future of the game. With many players having to choose which systems to play on and potentially leaving behind clan members and friends, playing Destiny with friends has always been tough. Luckily, this will be changing and you’ll be able to play with whoever you want on whichever system you’d like whether it be PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or even Stadia! I’m sure we’ll get more details about how crossplay in Crucible will work as we get closer to its release, but for now we don’t really know a whole lot other than the fact that it’s coming.

3. Transmog

Transmogrification, Transmog for short, is the ability to equip whatever piece of gear you would like and customize the cosmetic design to your heart’s desire. It’s a very popular implementation in MMOs with tons of loot to chase after and it’s finally coming to Destiny after 7 whole years! For so long now, players have been asking Bungie to implement transmog, so that finally we won’t have to worry about which armor piece looks the best while also needing to make sure it has an acceptable stat roll. It’s really a pain right now especially now that armor is going to start being sunset in the near future. With a new armor set coming with each season, that gives us a few months for a new set of armor and then we’ll have to grind it all out again once the next season begins. I can handle weapon sunsetting as it should keep both PvE and PvP metas rotating and may help prevent the game from becoming as stale as it is, though I’m still not thrilled about the idea of armor sunsetting. At this point I really just don’t know why we’re grinding for these gear sets if there’s no point in keeping them if they’re low-stat or if they’re going to be sunset in the future. I think it’s probably going to be necessary to add set bonuses for gear going forward. This would give players a reason to obtain and use each piece of armor for different playstyles and activities in the game. I would love to see this implemented in The Witch Queen this year, but I highly doubt they’re working on it at the moment. I’m glad that Bungie is at least finally letting us customize the way our armor looks completely.

4. Vault of Glass Returns

Later this year, the very first Raid that was ever introduced into the Destiny universe will be reintroduced for the first time in Destiny 2! While we still don’t know many details about the reprised Raid as of yet, we can expect that it will remain mostly the same albeit with a few changes like maybe some Champions or some updated geometry or something. I don’t expect them to revolutionize the Raid completely as I think most players are more interested in just doing the Raid that we know and love rather than being thrown into something that we aren’t expecting nor do we really want. Personally, I can’t wait to head back into the Vault of Glass and bully Atheon over the edge, since I never got to do that in D1. Here’s to hoping that there’s no teleporting Overload Champions in the Templar encounter.

5. Adept Strike Gear

Bungie is finally giving PvE players strike-specific loot in season 13!

Nightfall strikes are getting three unique weapons, with The Palindrome, The Swarm, and Shadow Price all making their Destiny 2 debuts. If you’re brave enough to take on Grandmaster Nightfalls, you will be also able to earn Adept versions of these weapons.”

This is definitely good news for PvE players! We’ve been asking for Bungie for the return of strike-specific loot for a while now and it’s great that we’ll finally have an incentive to grind the few strikes we have in the game as of season 12. It’s also a surprise to see that Trials isn’t the only activity that will start granting Adept weapons! Grandmaster Nightfalls will also rewards Adept versions of these new nightfall-specific weapons. Alongside the brand new loot, we’ve got a couple of strikes returning from D1 including: Fallen S.A.B.E.R. and Devil’s Lair!

Bungie is also increasing the coverage of Legend and Master Lost Sectors; they will now include Lost Sectors on the Moon with 3 brand new pieces of Exotic armor to chase in Season 13!

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