The Day Toy Story 2 Was Almost Deleted


Many film lovers have a whole host of arguments against why the switch to digital is a bad thing for the industry. The picture doesn’t feel right, it’s too sterile, etc. Many of these are good points, but there’s one that isn’t often brought up because no one really thinks it can happen. You might accidentally delete your whole movie.

It sounds ridiculous, but this almost happened once to a classic Pixar film, Toy Story 2. The video above shows an animated telling of the story, and how the entire film was almost deleted. And that’s why you back up your files kids. Seriously, I’m going to do it right now after writing this.

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  1. So we should halt progress because some people are idiots? In that case, goodbye automobiles. You will always have people who are complete blithering idiots, but you can’t be afraid to push forward just because of that.

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