The Eight Douchiest Vampires Ever


I’m not sure what’s going to piss me off the most about Twilight. Is it the X-Men like powers they’ve given vampires now, or maybe the vampire facial expressions that range from smugness to angst and back again?

The fact is, it’s probably both, but we’ve traveled a long way to get to this level of vampire toolage, so it’s important to look back at the last few years on how something so badass as vampires have been turned into an emo teen sensation like what we’re seeing with Robert Pattinson and Twilight. Behold, the eight douchiest vampires of all time, which suspiciously happen to be within the last twenty years:

8 ) David – The Lost Boys


What’s his deal: He’s the leader of the Lost Boys, a vampire motorcycle gang.

Why he’s a douche: Granted he’s kind of a badass, but the leader of a motorcycle gang of vampires? Please. And I realize that it’s the ‘80s, but there is never an excuse for hair like that, not in any decade. It’s also kind of a douche move to enlist to innocent kids to forfeit their eternal souls to join up with you. Fortunately he gets what’s coming to him in the form of some deer antlers to the chest. Yeah, “stake” has kind of a loose interpretation doesn’t it?

7) Bill Compton – True Blood


What’s his deal: The last of the Compton clan, he’s been a vampire a relatively short amount of time (only 175 years).

Why he’s a douche: He is less of a douche compared to most of the others on this list, but it’s his one-look facial expression and his one-tone voice that make him almost unbearable to watch during the show. And how he charms the pants off Anna Paquin with that routine makes me hate him even more.

6) Viktor – Underworld: Evolution


What’s his deal: A former warlord turned vampire elder.

Why he’s a douche: The first vampire ever, Markus Corvinus, trusted him to help aid with the return of his brother, the first werewolf ever, William Corvinus. But Viktor betrayed Markus and locked his brother away. Eight hundred years later karma finally slapped him back when Kate Beckinsale Kill Bill-ed the top of his head off with a sword. And seriously, button that shirt up man.

5) Spike – Buffy the Vampire Slayer


What’s his deal: Evil vampire turned halfway decent.

Why he’s a douche: Spike always just pissed me off. I’m not sure whether it was his ridiculous hair (why can’t vampires ever just have normal hair?), his razor cheekbones or his annoying catch phrases (bloody hell!), but he just rubbed me the wrong way. Although I’ll take sarcasm over angst any day.

4) Richie Gecko – From Dusk Till Dawn


What’s his deal: Bank robber and criminal extraordinaire

Why he’s a douche: To be fair, he was kind of a douche before he got turned into a vampire, which will happen when you’re a psychotic serial rapist. But after death he was kind of a dick too, attacking his own brother and forcing him to put a stake through his heart to calm him down.

3) Louis – Interview with the Vampire


What’s his deal: Plantation owner turned vampire

Why he’s a douche: Who copes with tragedy by becoming a vampire? Oh your wife and daughter died so now you have nothing to live for? So become a vampire and live FOREVER and kill a bunch of people along the way. Why not? Also, he bit a little girl named Claudia, causing her to live forever in child form, and kill hot girls because she’s jealous of their boobs. That’s a douche move right there. Also, the hair isn’t helping.

2) Deacon Frost – Blade


What’s his deal: A young up-and-comer in the vampire community.

Why he’s a douche: God, this guy was annoying. He bites Blade’s girl, kills his best bud (Noo! Whistler!) and always has that dumbass smile on his face. The vampire elders thought he was an impudent whipersnapper because he wanted to emerge from the shadows and enslave humanity and he wasn’t even born a pure-blood vampire! The nerve!

1) Lestat – Queen of the Damned


What’s his deal: He’s a super powerful ancient vampire but…

Why he’s a douche: He wants to become a god in the modern era, so what does he do? After being awakened from his eternal slumber by a rock band (seriously) he rejoins the real world by becoming their lead singer. Sigh. Even the other vampires think he’s a douche for this, and are pissed off he’s got such a public persona. But he Lestat doesn’t care, cause he’s going to rock out for ETERNITY.

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  1. The majority of vamps on your list are some of the greastest original vampires EVER! like David, Viktor, Louis, and my fave Lestat (the real Leastat). Maybe if you actually go and read the Vampire Chronicles you’ll see! 1st Louis doesn’t even have a wife and daughter. His 15 year old BROTHER died, and when Louis finally attempted to commit suicide, b/c he couldn’t bear his brother’s death, Lestat saved hi,. So Lestat turned him into a vamp, and that’s how IWTV starts. 2nd Viktor & David are just awesome. 3rd Lestat is the best vampire ever apart from Dracula. Not that fake ass wannabe Lestat in the Queen of the Damned movie. That movie is so far from the book the only thing they have in common is the name! So why don’t you do your research!

  2. @ Zoe

    Is this Anne Rice? Are you the authority on vampires? Funny that you’re angrily commenting on this website and telling the author to get a life. Irony much?

  3. i totally agree w/ some of these. like spike & gecko, and edward is the #1 douche extrordinare, but some i dont agree w/. victor and bill are awsome and david is the sexiest vampire alive mullet or no. but still i think u argue some very strong points and u r entitled 2 ur opinion, weather people agree or disagree.

  4. OMFG! i cant believe u have David in here!! and BTW his hair is awesome.. it goes with his character and ofcoarse movies have the hair that was popular at the time of filming!

    i can see why some of them are there.. but imo u must just dislike vampires that dont wear heeps of white powder on there faces like in the old days lol

    sparkle = EPIC FAIL! ^_^

  5. Haha you dont like spike because he ‘bugs’ you?
    He was one of the most badass vampires out there!
    He probably only bugs you because hes way hotter than you;)

    And on another nore the twighlight dude should be killed. Hes a disgrace.

  6. In all seriousness… Paul Tassi were you drunk when you decided to put this up? You just butchered about 4 of the greatest vampires portrayed in films by posting up some ridiculous rant on how you believe they’re douches… THEIR VAMPIRES their job is to be self-loathing murderers and you’re worried on how they rub against your thoughts and likes/dislikes of vampires.. well i guess that’s why your ranting on the internet about them and not portraying one isn’t it? IF and only IF someone manages to go down this far because this post is complete and utter Trollage do yourself a favor and ignore this page watch the movies for yourself and you will see how ridiculous this whole page is.

  7. Okay I agree with 3 of the vampires on your list. Edward Cullen, Bill Compton and Viktor. However they should be #1 #2 and #3 not the LAST on your list! I’m greatly insulted by the fact that Louis, Lestat and David are on you list! They are 3 of the best vampires ever! They made vampires modern and sexy. I agree with Isis on the whole Louis and Lestat how you should check your information before you bash. I can see how Spike can annoy you but if you’re going to be cruel to the most humorously sarcastic Buffy vampire and all the better vampires then why isn’t Angel on your list? Hey why not go insult Dracula whilst your at it?

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