The Seven Studliest Alec Baldwin Roles


For the first time in a long time I’m actually kind of geeked up to watch the Academy Awards.  Bear in mind it has zero to do with who wins.  Frankly I’ve had it with the Academy up until this point and I don’t think I’ve liked the award show for about 20 years (for an explanation, read anything that Paul Tassi writes because I agree with all of it).  But I will say that whenever there’s a host worth watching, it’s kind of exciting.

I’m not so much thrilled to see Steve Martin but come on guys, Alec Baldwin is hosting?  I’m pumped.  It’s amazing how he has just totally transformed himself over the years isn’t it?  Think about it.  Late 80’s through mid 90’s Baldwin was a leading man, cool voiced, stud guy.   It’s hard to remember that Baldwin ever fit this role as compared to his now awesomely funny middle aged, getting a little belly character he’s known for.

But just as a reminder, here are seven movies in which Baldwin was a complete stud.

The Hunt For Red October – Jack Ryan

“Be careful what you shoot at, things in here don’t react well to bullets.”  Jack Ryan!  I can’t believe how good a movie this was.  Every single time it’s on I watch it fully through.

Working Girl – Mick Dugan

Fast forward to 4:30

He’s not in the movie all that much but when he is, it certainly counts.  Baldwin plays former love interest and Staten Island Goon to Melanie Griffith’s character Tess.  Hmmm let’s see. She walks in on him banging some chick in an awesome position and his accent is unparalleled.   “I want an answer now!” Oh and keep in mind this scene is after he cheats on her.

She’s Having a Baby – David MacDonald


This is an extremely underrated movie.  First of all, it was directed by John Hughes.  Second of all, Baldwin’s character is an extremely immature guy who constantly gets laid and has sex in his best friends house.  He also tries to have sex with his wife.   Oh and P.S. that hairy chest is booming.

Malice – Dr. Jed Hill

“I am God.”  Enough said.

Glengarry Glen Ross – Blake

Do I even need to explain how awesome he is in this movie?

The Getaway – Carter “Doc”MacCoy

Anyone who gets to play alongside Kim Basinger as a leading man has to be a stud.  Oh and second of all he’s a criminal and total badass.  Couple that with James Woods being his usual annoying dickish self and you’ve got Baldwin at his best.  Plus…Michael Madsen with long hair!

Miami Blues – Frederick Frenger Jr.

Wait a second.  Does he mean to act this tough?  Like, could he be any more stereotypical with the cigarette in mouth?  Wow, I never knew Baldwin was in a scene that’s this “one of the best sarcastic action scenes ever” type scenes.  Still though, he was a total stud in this movie.

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