The Future According to Movies

I’ve been off infographics for a while, but this is a  new lengthwise image that has actually captured my attention. And it’s made me really, really sad.

It’s a timeline (via Tremulant Design) that shows what different films over they years have predicted for the human race as time goes on. There’s everything from Robocop occuring in three years, to Cowboy Bebop in sixty. With the current underfunding of science and overfunding of war, I think we’re going to have a hard time reaching the tech level of anything that involves singnificant space exploration or discovery. As much as I love NASA, we’re currently jumping up and down every time a robot pokes a rock on Mars.

After 2100 though, all bets are off. Once I’m dead it’s hard to imagine what life will be like, but I’d give us at least another thousand years or so before we start cruising around in starships.

See the full graphic below (click to enlarge):

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  1. Event Horizion. Hell is brought back from a back hole? did he even watch the movie?
    Also, no Doctor who reference for the last entry. He landed in the year 100 trillion.

  2. I think this is the 3rd time in the last 2 years that this has made the internet rounds. the image is always different, but the chart is always the same.

  3. Only error I took issue with is “corrupt corporation attempts to unsuccessfully contain them”… grammatically, the “to” should be between unsuccessfully and contain. If their intent was to fail tot contain the xenomorphs, well… they succeeded.

  4. Now that films like Prometheus or the Avengers get made for today’s cinema-fan market, I predict that one of the AVATAR sequels will encounter an invasion of Xenomorphs on Pandora.

    James Cameron has mentioned wanting his follow-ups to focus on the fictional oceans and aquatic species, but really why not just let an ALIEN crossover happen now before later? Before the studio injects this idea with B-talent hacks adapting the material and cheap CGI over creative cinematography. JCam already has such intimate experience with both the properties. Let’s see a facehugger-cliffhanger at the end of AVATAR 2, dude!

    How sick would it be to see a Navi-Xenomorph mashup??? The only answer is INSANELY sick! Fox owns both franchises and this idea’s got blockbuster-potential written all over it.

    But then again, JCam will probably just create some “Dark” Navi tribes or some similarly symbiotically adaptive species on Pandora like the ALIEN creatures.

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