Five Cable Television Shows That Could Make Good Movies

Sex and the City

I hate, and I mean truly hate to admit it but Sex and the City was right in making a movie.  I mean that movie could have had a plot about anything in the world and it would have made it.  But when you have a good following of people it just makes sense to have a movie.  Plus when there’s some things left kind of blank from the show that have closure it lends itself to a good 2 hour plot.

However, that doesn’t mean that all shows should go out there and make a movie.  Like I don’t think The Sopranos should.  Leave that thing alone.  It was fine as is and we don’t need it tarnished.  Some shows just don’t make sense to have a movie.  Like would you have a Dexter movie?  No.  Makes zero sense.   Some shows are better left having year after year, day after day issues.

But I do think that some shows could actually be good movies.  And since cable shows generally span an hour I think there are some that could easily do well at the box office.

Here are five cable shows that I think could make good movies (some aren’t on TV anymore)

The Wire

The Wire

The Wire is one of the most underrated yet also highly rated shows I’ve ever come across.  It’s so weird how you kind of barely hear about it in the mainstream media yet you always have a friend that says “dude, you gotta see The Wire, it’s awesome.”  And while the show is over,  it’s a perfect show that could transition into a movie because it’s really about a “city” and not just drug trade and cops, etc etc.  The depiction is that of Baltimore and I think an overall movie could do pretty well if done right.

True Blood

True Blood

Vampires.  That is all.  Seriously, frigging vampires.  This genre is so big right now how could this fail?  It’s already one of the most popular television shows out right now and the premise is actually interesting for a movie.  You just need some good plot that can be accomplished in a 2 hour time span.  That can’t be that hard right?  I’m sure someone will screw it up but I think the opportunity is there.



Talk about under the radar.  This is yet another show that just doesn’t seem to have that much acclaim.  But just like The Office in England, Gervais manages to spit out another gem.  America needs another “reality” type movie like Borat was.  I think that Extras has all the tools.  Put in a fun little plot with struggling actor, funny interviews, and sex to get to the top and you’ve got yourself some moviegoers.



There was a movie called Dead Wood but it was a horror movie.   In terms of the show?  Yeah they had plans to do a couple of two hour finale type things but they never came to fruition.  But let’s face it.  The western is a great genre and Deadwood had all the tools to be a pretty successful movie.  It’s now 2010 and the show is nearly 5 years removed but I think it could generate some buzz in Hollywood.

Mad Men

Mad Men

Christina Hendricks and her twins on the big screen?  Enough Said.

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  1. You could add Oz to the list of great TV shows that should not be turned into movies. Good list though! I’d definitely go to see a Deadwood movie, but ONLY if Ian McShane is heavily involved.

  2. I disagree with a Wire or True Blood movie but I am 100% behind a Deadwood movie. And I thought the Extras special acted like a mini movie? And a Mad Men would suck. But of it was just Hendricks showing her body off, what the hell, go ahead and make that movie.

  3. @ lol I have to disagree I think that given the style Dexter has T.V. is probably the only format that Dexter would work in.
    @ Average Joe I’m right there with you buddy.
    Finally I think that The Shield could have been an amazing movie if the Series ending hadn’t been so damn disturbingly perfect. If they did make a movie they probably would have given Mackey some sell out redemption plot and it would have been easier to swallow but wouldn’t have fit the tone of the show.

  4. I agree with Bert on Oz. That was a great show.

    I would also love to watch multiple prison rapes, with “Stabler” and Adabissi…

    But Adabissi was killed. So maybe that wouldn’t work.

  5. I actually really like True Blood. (I’ve also read the books, so that could be why…) Although, they’re not following them as much as they should be.

    It’s better than a lot of TV out there. And the whole, it’s not a sparkly, broody, I’m so “depressed”, teenager thing helps a lot.

    I could do with more fighting though…

    fighting’s kinda fun…

  6. Top 5 You didn’t mention…

    1. Dexter
    2. Sons of Anarchy
    3. Rescue Me
    4. The Wire
    5. Hung

    Dishonorable Mention – Nip/Tuck (the post-carver seasons sucked), with Weeds on it’s way to Nip/Tuck suckville…

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