The Men in Black Need to Watch South Park

From our friends at Gammasquad comes this revelation about Men in Black 3, which shows that its creators are not as familiar with South Park as they need to be. While a giant futuristic-wheel cycle might look cool to some, the rest of us who have seen the episode in question are going to be constantly concerned for the safety of Agent Jay’s rear end.

Is it just me, or have you noticed that people are unreasonably excited for this Men in Black sequel? Like, I knew the other movies made some money, but I didn’t know there was an established fanbase who would go nuts over MIB3 being released an awkward amount of years after the last film. I guess maybe people are just pumped that Will Smith has taken a break from sticking his kids in movies to return to acting himself.

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  1. I can’t remember where I saw it, but an article I saw the other day showed that this particular vehicle idea has been around since like 1914. There were even pictures of comic book covers with people riding them.

  2. Have to agree with “Indeed”. Southpark is just an amazing show. Somewhere around 2005-06 the show just came into its own, where it wasn’t just about stupid potty humor anymore….which I totally hated. IMO the show became good, extremely good, when they started taking on social issues and show casing the stupidity in a lot of it.

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