Back to the Post Apocalyptic Future

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You’re kidding yourself if you think they’re not going to remake, sequelize or prequelize Back to the Future someday, as every franchise that was once popular is getting a resurgence in creatively bankrupt Hollywood in this day and age.

But what would such a film look like? Where would Marty travel to in a new film? One artist has an idea, and sends the time traveling lad to a dystopian future that looks like he’s about to meet Will Smith and his German Shepard.

The picture is actually a landscape originally drawn by Vladimir Manyuhina, and the DeLorean and McFly were added in later by an unknown party. Pretty cool.

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  1. I joke with my friends about BTTF remakes and sequels/prequels, and you’re absolutely right. It’s inevitable. I think if they were to crack the franchise open again, they should definitely make Marty(Fox) the new Doc. And even though he has Parkinsons, you could work that into the character. You could say that time travel has side effects and that Doc Brown went a little crazy and Marty developed Parkinsons(or a fictional name of the condition) as a result of time travel.

  2. Bob Gayle and Robert Zemeckis retained the rights, and refuse to entertain the idea of sequels or remakes. Which is why we haven’t already seen more sequels. If I understand correctly, the copyright should stand for seventy years after the death of the authors. So long as their families respect their wishes, then we might not have to see it in our lifetimes.

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