That Guy Actor of the Week: Mako

Chances are you’ve seen this guy a million times.  And if you haven’t seen him you’ve definitely heard his voice in any number of cartoons.   What you just don’t realize is that his name is Mako, yes, like the shark.  Unfortunately Mako died in 2006 but his legacy of movies and voice overs will live on forever.

He’s probably most recognizable as the weird sorcerer in the original Conan with Arnold Schwarzenegger but Mako had over 150 titles to his name.  His latest known credit was voicing Uncle Iroh on the Last Airbender Cartoon.

Personally I liked him most in the movies The Perfect Weapon and Pearl Harbor.   Anyway, I’m sorry we never mentioned him before.

Check out a clip of him after the jump


This is the best clip I could find.  Great laugh.

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  1. Mako is amazing, he made things better just by being in them.

    I think he guest starred on M*A*S*H 2 or 3 times, as different characters each time. It was awesome.

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