Anatomy of a Race Car

I like to pretend that this is a post-mortem autopsy of why exactly it is that the Cars series is Pixar’s worst. Perhaps some answer will be found in that Cars themselves.

Artist Jake Parker took it upon himself to image what the inside of a living car might look like, and the result is…bizarre to say the least. A combination of engines, grey matter and organs make me wish I’d never investigated the issue in the first place.

“Mater” is below, and for some reason his brain is larger than a walnut.

[via Geekologie]

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  1. I’m glad someone else feels the same way about the Cars series as I do. I was worried that it might be me growing up (i’m 25) but it’s comforting that someone else who likes most of the movies also dislikes Cars.

  2. I don’t think Cars was the worst, even if it is just a Doc Hollywood ripoff. Pixar’s movies were all gold in my eyes until Wall-E came out, nothing that came out after that seemed as good to me, but Wall-E has been my favorite since, so that could be bias. But yea, unless you’re including Cars 2, in which case yea, Cars is the worst Pixar series…

  3. Cars is agreeably a Pixar movie that we wish didn’t happen, but I can you that if you’ve seen Brave you will have a new least favorite. Cars is a favorite among many children these days. Unfortunately, it is also favorited by many “rednecks.”

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