15 Pics of French Actor Jean Dujardin Sleeping on People

Obviously this guy should be milking all this fame while it lasts.   Jean Dujardin is getting a ton of press lately as he won best actor at the Golden Globes and is now one of the front runners for the Oscars.

Who knows how long his fame is going to last since we haven’t even heard him speak in a movie yet!   But like many past Oscar winners, this is a time to get the attention and propel a career to new levels.   And perhaps Dujardin sleeping on George Clooney will help.  Who knows?

All I know is that a funny meme was made out of it and here are 15 great examples of the pic you see above…

Thanks to this Tumblr Account for the pics

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  1. “Who knows how long his fame is going to last since we haven’t even heard him speak in a movie yet”

    For Fuck sake he’s fucking FRENCH ! Even if he was speaking in any movie you watched, you wouldn’t understand him. Have you seen the movie ? He has ONE line, and he has the most obvious french accent ever.

    You won’t ever hear him, because he’ll never be in an american movie : he doesn’t speak english, that’s all. Actually, he’s on a movie that was released today in France. Yes, France, you know, that country you believe doesn’t exist because it’s not fucking USA ?

  2. He actually speaks all the time, in France he’s extremely famous and a very versatile actor. If you want to hear him speak, I strongly recommend 99francs. It’s a must watch (though use subtitles).

  3. Actually you heard him speak english on tv.
    But here is a shocker for you: English is not his native language!!!
    I know that must come as a shock that on this planet there is one more language than english.
    When things settle, you might even realize that there is more than 1 country in the world…
    Dujardin is awesome, he is very famous humorist and actor in France. He played in quite many roles and has been acting for at least 15 years.
    Seriously, I would expect better that this comment from your great site.

  4. “Who knows how long his fame is going to last since we haven’t even heard him speak in a movie yet! ”

    Uh, watch the OSS 117 films. Now. They’re both on Netflix Instant, and they’re both hilarious. The chicken-throwing scene… Yeah. They’re great, and he’s hysterical.

  5. Would it help if he had written, “Who knows how long his fame in America is going to last since we haven’t even heard him speak in a movie yet!”?

    Honestly, are you all really expecting a global perspective when you come to a site run by two Americans? The site is written in English, not French. People love to cram hatred in America’s face, but we don’t go to sites written in French and badmouth the authors because they didn’t consider the American viewpoint. You should understand writer’s bias, and that he was most likely talking about Dujardin’s “fame” in the context of “how many awards he will win,” and the golden globes, oscars, etc are all held in America.

    In this case, the American perspective covers a vast majority of media due to how prevalent the entertainment industry is in America. It’s similar to our major sports leagues. You wouldn’t come on here and bitch about an article that discussed the NBA as if it encompassed all professional basketball, would you? No, because it is by far the largest example of professional basketball in the world, just like America is by far the largest consumer of media.

  6. Why does Unreality keep mentioning the fact that “we haven’t heard him speak?” I saw The Artist and not only does he speak a line, it is the most important line in the entire film. It completely transforms his character in the final minute of the movie. Without that line (which the editors of Unreality must have missed?), the movie would have been extremely different.

    How am I going to trust Unreality with movie reviews (something I’d like to do one day) if Unreality contributors throw out lines like this that suggest they did not even sit through the whole movie.

    After that article about hard-to-watch scenes in movies that contained a few serious factual errors and now this small but poignant mistake, Unreality is kind of losing credibility.

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