Memorable Moment’s in TV: It Wasn’t Not Funny!


Now I may be dating myself a little bit here but if any of you were around during the second season of The Real World which took place in Los Angeles you might remember this scene.

By the way, that season to me was the best one ever.   It included Aaron and Dominic and that psycho country boy John.   And of course there was David, the comedian, and Tammy, who later married an NBA player Kenny Anderson.

Anyway, this is probably the funniest moment from that show.  It’s when David was ripping Tammy’s clothes off and at first she was laughing but then comes raging into his room and screams out “It wasn’t not funny!”

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  1. I kept waiting for David to say ” It wasn’t not funny is a double negative implying that it was indeed funny.” But then I remembered I was watching The Real World and a double negative to them conceptually is about as tough to decipher as a double helix. This same season, this same woman went off an wired her jaw shut to lose weight. Ah the train wreck that is MTV reality programming. Makes my nerd life seem life a gift.

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