Six With the Stars Reality Shows I Would Watch

You know what really surprises me?  Considering the success of the show “Dancing with the Stars,” why haven’t the networks created more “with the stars” type shows?  I mean Biggest Loser has a franchise and they’ve expanded to couple’s edition and home edition and whatever the hell else they have.

Why hasn’t the “with the stars” franchise expanded into other markets?  Don’t you think there’s a ton of room for potential here?  I sure as hell do.  Exploiting stars is something we can all embrace!

With that said, here are six “with the stars” ideas I think would kick ass….

Singing with the Stars

I figured I would start off simple.   Since “Dancing” is so successful I don’t see a reason to stray too far from the main topic that got everyone so interested.   I don’t know about you guys but I think it would be fun as hell to see celebrities sing their favorite songs and get judged.   I think you’d get two things:  One, celebrities you didn’t know they had great voices and 2.  Celebrities who think they can sing but really suck.

Sports with the Stars

Does anyone remember that Shaq Vs.  show?  Shaquille O’Neal would square off against world class athletes playing their sports in handicapped situations.  For example he’d go against a world class sprinter in a race but would have half a lap lead or something like that.   I think there are tons of opportunities with this topic.   You can get celebrities to go against real pro athletes or square off against each other.  Again, tons of possibilities.

Surviving with the Stars

You could really do anything here.  I mean we could certainly have ‘The Real World” with the stars which we kind of already had right?  I forget the name of the show but I know there’s some dumb shows with D List celebs all cooped up in a house together.   Well this one could be celebrities stranded on an island somewhere with no food to eat.   I would definitely get a kick out of that, especially if Lindsay Lohan participated.

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  1. singing with the stars would be hilarious! and I loved the shaq. VS show stuff! and in holland, where I’m from, we actually have a show which puts Dutch and Belgian celebs on a tropical island and has them participate in a series of challenges over the course of a couple of weeks to see who is the best survivor of them all, Expeditie Robinson it’s called!

  2. They already have a surviving with the stars, it’s called Celebrity Rehab.

    — Did you ever see that show Dhani Tackles The World on Travel? It’s this big football(?) athlete they send all over the world to try the sports of other cultures. He has to train with them, and then do whatever sport they do. The crazy asian boxing ones were my favorites.. that dude was HUGE… Was kinda cool.

    And speaking of dancing with the stars, this guy I work with dressed up like Chaz Bono for Halloween this year. It was omg spot on. You can see it here: (first row in the gallery, can’t miss it. Oh I was the gypsy!)

  3. The reason they haven’t done more “…With The Stars” shows is because the US show “Dancing with the Stars” is based on the UK show “Strictly Come Dancing” which is itself a derivative of the 60s show “Come Dancing” so they have probably only been allowed to use the format of that show on a one-off basis. Some arcane copyright thing probably.

    I’d love to see “Shooting Range with the Stars” where a variety of professional marksmen fire paintball rifles at Z-list celebrities. Just because I hate em.

  4. We already have singing with the stars where I’m from. It is not as good as dancing with the stars (which I watch because of the hot celeb chicks), but its kind of cool to see what kind of music your favorite stars like and if they are good at it.

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