Living in the Future: Holographic Tupac Performs from Beyond the Grave


Time for yet another installment of “Living in the Future,” and this one is a doozy. When I first heard what had happened at Coachella this week, I thought it would be the most offensive, lame thing ever. Holographic Tupac? Please. I’m surprised he didn’t rise from his grave and bitch slap Dr. Dre for trying this.

As it turns out, the final result was pretty damn awesome. The full performance is above, and it shows how much technology has really progressed that we’re able to do something like this. I still can’t figure out how they did it. Did they take one of his old performances, extract him and really clean it up? Or did they just hire the world’s best lookalike and have him lip sync?

FYI, as cool as this is, he’s not actually “floating” in the Star Wars sense. He’s being projected onto a pane of glass. Still awesome though.

So, when are the Beatles going back on tour with Elvis and Kurt Cobain?

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  1. The pane of glass is the classic way of doing “Pepper’s Ghost,” but I think this was actually a high quality type of mylar; read that somewhere.

  2. Yes… let us have the dead dance for our amusement. I’m not happy until they stick machinery in the artist’s preserved corpse and we control it like a puppet.

    I know that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, I just didn’t expect that magic to be necromancy.

  3. They did something like this on American Idol a few years ago with Celine Dion singing along side a holographic Elvis.

    I don’t know if the Elvis was generated on stage or in post production, though.

    Holographic zombie Tupac, anyone? Too soon?

  4. Oh boy are my sci-fi senses tingling. What I absolutely loved most about all of this was that fact that the hologram was realistic looking. It does make me hopeful for what the future has in store, but at the same time saddens me, only because I know that I will not live long enough to see a real life Halodeck/Danger room in my time.

    Aside from that, what I also liked about this video was the look on Snoop Doggs face; not sure if it was because he was high, but he looked so genuinely joyful being on a stage with his old pal, rapping a song they did together.

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