The Quest to Turn a Children’s Little Tykes Cozy Coupe into a Flying Car

We are all familiar, especially us parents out there, with the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe red and yellow play car that has been adapted and sold to kids everywhere for many decades. However, not many people think to turn this child’s brightly colored plastic toy into something even more memorable, until today. A group of guys has taken the ultimate challenge of turning this Little Tikes Cozy Coupe into a flying car. You heard us right. They even posted a video on YouTube of their somewhat achievements with getting the toy into flying mode, and how they got this Cozy Coupe into the air in the first place, which you can take a look at below for yourself (Just as a PSA, we are sure that no children, or adults for that matter, were harmed in the making of this video). Time to see for yourself what this Cozy Coupe can really do:

Of course, as you can clearly see, it was a plan that took many, many attempts to succeed with, but it seemed to be totally worth it in the end for these guys. The group of guys worked to create their own schematics, building their own wings and motor systems to control the car with, and tried to get this puppy to fly with the greatest of ease. Obviously, there were some glitches when it came to the wings, as the continually broke off during the first few attempts at getting the car up into the air; However, they were finally able to get it up in the air for about a ten to fifteen second flight, although it did crash shortly thereafter. It just goes to show that with the proper aerodynamic components, build, and the lightweight capacity of the Cozy Coupe itself, you can indeed get it in to the air, and create the first ever flying car (in retrospect). It might not be quite ready for any passengers just yet, but maybe one day, we will see this ‘flying Cozy Coupe’ come to life in stores everywhere.

Although we may not recommend for everyone out there to try to turn their child’s play things and obnoxious toys into flying machines, or anything else of that nature, it is still pretty cool to watch and witness for yourself. Who would have thought that with a little innovation, plus a little nerve and determination, that you could create something that has never been thought up before? The video may just inspire you to put your own inventive and creative side to the test, and come up with something that has never been tested out before — Just make sure that your children are in on the plan too, and are ready for their toys to get repurposed, or a whole lot of mess could go down. With that said, this has been our review on the ‘flying car’ that is the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe creation. You can find more videos like this on YouTube and other outlets online.

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